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Aashyana Housing Project: A Scheme for Low Income Families

Message from the Chief Minister of Punjab

Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

The quality of human settlements, especially in small town Punjab, continues to lag in the availability of housing, roads, schools, health facilities, safe drinking water, sanitation and other social services. Although an informal sector, dominated by corruption and decadence has developed, as evidenced by the slums, katchi abadis, and squatter settlements and bogus or ill planned housing schemes. Current trends in urban development small town/community planning and housing development remain uncontrolled, unguided, and highly unsustainable. Land and Urban development in Punjab is under tremendous pressure from uncontrolled urban sprawl, deteriorating urban environment, deficiencies in urban services, shortages in the provision of housing, and absence of properly developed spaces for economic activity -industrial estates, technology parks, and related infrastructure. I am fully aware of the problems and difficulties of the poor segment of society as they can just dream of owning a house but do not have resources/support to make it happen, a concern that has deeply touched me personally.
I am convinced that this is a noble cause which can only be accomplished through missionary zeal and zest, I have therefore, established “Punjab Land Development Company” managed by renowned experts from the private/public sector. I am determined to provide the poor with housing at an affordable price through “AASHYANA HOUSING PROJECT (AHP)”. This entails provision of planned, clean and affordable housing for low income groups by the Govt. of Punjab.
Our projects would have in built mechanism of sustainability, affordability, and transparency at every step. “Aashyana Housing Project (AHP)” would focus at provision of low cost housing with quality internal infrastructure, ecological friendly ambience and provision of all necessary amenities like roads, sewerage, commercial enclaves, electricity, parks and horticulture, medical services, schools and vocational training centers.
I assure that this is just the beginning of a ‘silver lining’ in the dark night. I would leave no stone unturned to do maximum for the welfare and betterment of my people.

Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister Punjab

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  1. Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi

    With respect, is there any new Ashyana scheme is coming in future ? please inform. Thanks

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