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Aashyana Housing Scheme Punjab, Pakistan: An Introduction

Land and Urban development in Punjab is under tremendous pressure from uncontrolled urban sprawl, deteriorating environment, deficiencies in basic services, shortages in the provision of housing, and absence of properly developed spaces for economic activity, industrial estates, technology parks and related infrastructure.

Deeply concerned about the continuing deterioration of shelter and human settlement especially for the low income group, The honorable Chief Minister of the Punjab Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif has envisioned Punjab Land Development Company (PLDC) to respond to the challenge with immediate interventions in the areas of affordable housing

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  1. Bribery is demanded by Site office Ashiana Quid PLDC management to handover any constructed house to the poor owners.

    Ashiana Quid could not deliver even 1% , since last 6 years, even block ‘A’ is 95% incomplete. No media coverage on the corruption of PK. Govt. officers.? Poor deprived of their Houses and Money by PLDC. Shame on such good governance.

  2. its a request 2 mian shahbaz sharif, sir we r living in a rent house since last 24 years….. we r thanful to almighty Allah but we need a our own house,, plz think for needy n poor people of pak n rwp…… just provide us a small house in ur housing schemes……… jazak Allah, bilal

  3. Rawalpindi is also in the Punjab province and maximum of people of this city are poor and facing the high costs of land and seek the roof of their own house for their children and families. Chief Minister Punjab is requested to enhance the Aashiana housing scheme up to Rawalpindi so that the low paid servants could get the opportunity to save their children under shelter.

  4. I,m belong from a prolitrate-Family & Lived in Multan area……
    i am interested in this project
    But Cost is to much High…So, Plz let down its Cost & One more Question is for Punjab Minister Shehbaz sharif is that Mutan is not the area of Punjab province ?
    Then Y are u neglect most of time to facilitat Multan area?
    Thanks God GILLANi sb make more projects in Multan area otherwise Multan was ignore from many years……..
    Now my request is that Please Make a Asshyana project in Multan area 2….

  5. i like it but cost is very high of this projact plz keep it low & expand it to other cities to

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