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Al-Hayat Residencia, Safari Road, Off Raiwind Road,Lahore

Al-Hayat Residencia, Safari Road, Off Raiwind Road,Lahore

Approved by:- Metropolitan Corporation Lahore No. B.A No:47-R-NZ-17
“Europe like Standard Living within affordable Price”
Al-Hayat Recidencia is offering people an Europe like Standard living to up lift the living standard of the people. In this way, the people Of Pakistan will able to enjoy that Lifestyle within an Affordable low Price. Al-Hayat Recidencia has also 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom luxury Apartments.
Price of each Apartment 25-1/2 Lacs Only.
We offer 24/7 security to upgrade the standard of living. In this way one will remain protected from the theft, robbery and  other crisis. We have a fool proof security with well experienced and well- equipped  guards. This enables a fool proof security process.
Health and Fitness Clubs:- We offer health and fitness club to ensure that you stay healthy and you stay healthier. In our  Fitness Clubs we have Well-Groomed trainers and highly-sophisticated staff which up raise an urge in you to become a healthier and fit person.
24 Hours backup system:- We have 24 hours back-up system in which we make your life easier. As due to the problem of load shedding in Pakistan. We offer you heavy duty back-up generators which will ensure that you become independent, while others will be dependent on the WAPDA.
Mosques:- We have well-maintain and Vast mosques in which hundreds of People can offer their prayer at a same time. In this way, you can feel spiritually upraised in the Mosque due to its luxurious structure.
E Connection:- E connection offers you best signals of mobile and internet even in your basement.
Marketed By: Burraq Marketing
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Al-Hayat Residencia Raiwind Road Lahore - Location Map
Al-Hayat Residencia Raiwind Road Lahore – Location Map

UAN:- 03111-444-570

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