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Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme – A Project of Al-Jalil Developers Lahore

Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme – A Project of Al-Jalil Developers Lahore
Main Bazar Sharaqpur Sharif, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Punjab.

Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme has a most unique location In the heart of Lahore. It has Beautiful sceneries that can make one’s day.


24/7 Electricity:-Al-Noor Orchard has heavy duty back-up generator to full-fill the need of electricity. Sometime due to burden or Low Voltage level, Appliances don’t work but in case of the Al-Noor Orchard. We have heavy duty back-up generators. In this way, we make sure that you don’t feel frustrated and don’t see any empty Block because we are here to fill all the empty blocks.

Sui-Gas:- We also have a 24/7 Sui gas plan in which we make that you do all the cooking or do whatever you want with the gas. We have special type of structures in which we have Back-up and underground pipe lines to make sure that all the need of Sui-gas is full-filled.

Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme Launched Near Burj Attari Lahore
Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme Launched Near Burj Attari Lahore

24/7 Security:- Wherever we go, whatever we do. We make sure about the security. To execute the doubts about the security we have 24/7 guards on watch. They are highly train and well mannered. They have years of experience by which they can manage all type of situations.

State-of-the-Art Development:- One of the best thing about the State of the Art development is that it has a beautiful Structure made by one of the finest Architects. By the years of planning they came up with the idea of Al-Noor Archard. Now, we have the idea of Al-Noor Archard in the prime location of the Lahore city.

Parks, Gymnasium, Jogging Tracks:- To give a healthy life to you and your loved ones. We have come up with the idea of Parks Gymnasium and Jogging Tracks. These little activities will give you a healthy life to you and your loved ones. Parks will give you fresh Air, Gymnasium will give to Perfect shape and Jogging Track will give you A Sharper Minds. By these Things you will have a Healthier Body and Mind.

Carpeted Roads:- We have Carpeted Road beautifully made just to match your style. In this way, you will have the same luxury on Roads just like you had in your House. Wide Roads will help you beat the hustle and bustle of traffic and while driving on the road you will have a feeling of driving in the air.

Health care:-
We also have hospitals to give you and your family health care that you need. Even in your old ages you will be examined thoroughly by highly-sophisticated and well-mannered team of Doctors and nurses.

Mosques:- No matter how much we earn, no matter how much we do in Life. We must remember that we are nothing without Allah. Therefore, we have spacious Mosques in which hundreds of people can worship at the same time. Our Mosques are so much decorated and Simply Made that One feels spiritually up-raised.

We have banks that make sure your Wealth and special items Remain safe as it has a fool proof security and well-maintained. Our banks are air-conditioned and they have well-mannered staff to treat you as a royalty.

School and colleges:- School and colleges are here to provide children and teenager with the international based schooling system. Today, we have a International base schooling system in which we provide you with the Best Education within an affordable price.

Easy Payment Plans:- We have Easy payment plan in which we have a easy installment plans as well as other plan to help you as much as we can to give you, your dream land.

Contact Us on:-
(042) 111 333 987


Al-Jalil Developers, Faizpur Interchange, Main Sharaqpur Road
Lahore –
A Project of Al-Jalil developers

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