Areesha City Karachi – a low cost housing scheme

Areesha City Karachi – a housing project based on the motto:

“Bringing to the poor, the best in affordable low-cost housing designed with all up-scale modern living privileges, facilities and amenities”

Concept of Low Cost Housing in Pakistan
• Rapid expansion of Urbanization in developing countries has led to severe shortage of housing.
• Lack of necessary assets and financial backing for majority of population, stumbling blocks in acquiring a decent house.
• Such a situation increasingly leads to creation of unwanted city-view, city life spoilers like shanty towns, squatter colonies and roadside settlements.
• Such types of impoverished settlements also spawn health epidemics besides becoming hotbeds of corruption, crime and disease for engulfing societies.
Al-Manzil Builders & Developers aims to change all this promising to usher in a new era of low-cost housing for the poor and the low-income groups through:
• Garnering of key financial support from Project Sponsors, Governmental and Semi-Governmental Agencies, Housing Bodies, Professional Associations involved with low-cost housing for the poor.
• Drawing up of Project Plans, building, constructing low-cost housing, marketing the Project, leading to delivery of the low-cost housing units to the end-user.