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Jalozai Housing Scheme Draw Result List

Jalozai Housing Scheme Draw Result List

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  1. Muhammad Muzaffar Khattak

    I am interested in buying 5M or 7M plot in Jalozai Housing Scheme, please do contact me on email and share contact details, if interested selling.

  2. Why the government does not want to pay the owners of Jalozai Housing Scheme? Do the owners demand high price for the land? Please clarify.

  3. It is a matter of great sorrow that PHA has started plotting in Jalozai housing scheme while the owners are not paid till now.Now another section 4 has announced on 2000 kanals without consulting owners.

  4. PHA walo Jalozai housing scheme k leiye jin logo se zamin li hay abi tk us ke paisay ada nhi keiye hein lehaza is scheme ka hasshar b Regi lalma jesa hi hoga jo aj tk abad nhi ho saka.

  5. a. Bad planning by incompetent non-professional and corrupt people.
    b. Cost incurred on parks and utility buildings and other infrastructure without developing plots. In the first
    instance, plots should be developed and then other infra-structure in the following priority;
    i. Main Roads.
    ii. Water Supply.
    iii. Boundary walls,
    iv. Parks through POT.
    v. Schools, hospitals by private sectors.
    vi. Mosques through donations by the community.
    vii. Commercial area

  6. Before embarking on Jalozai Township, the PHA or PDA should complete Regi Model Township. This will add to credibility of the Government as Regi Model Township could not be completed during the last 20 years. Regi Model Township is a bad scar on the face of the Government. It is required that the people who spoiled the Regi Model Township should be put to task and the following recovery alogwith r be made from them;
    i. Cost incurred on parks and utility buildings and other infrastructure without developing plots of Zone 1,2 &3.
    ii. Cost incurred on main roads which are in deplorable condition without any use.

  7. The cost of plot in Jalozai Housing Scheme is on very very high side that is why the response was very poor and only 3757 persons applied for allotment of plot in Jalozai Housing Scheme despite the fact that the no. of plots were more than 9500. This means that only 38% plots were sold. The cost of a developed plot in such area should not be more than R. 20000 per marla i.e price of 5 marla plot should be 1,00,000, 7 marla plot should be 1,40,000, 10 marla plot should be 2,00,000¸20 marla plot should be 4,00,000. In Khattak City Pubbi which is location-wise better than Jalozai, Rate of a developed plot per marla is only Rs. 75000. The cost of the plots can be reduced by the following measure as price of land per marla in the area is not more than Rs. 5000;
    i. Minimizing the element of corruption as PHA and PDA are more corrupt than the C&W.
    ii. The cost of infrastructure like parks, mosques,schools, hospital, grounds, external water supply should not be charged to the cost of plots but these should either be provided by the Government or private sector through POT.
    iii. The peoples in the townships have to pay for Water electricity and sui gas etc. even they pay fee for entering parks.

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