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Cantt Cottages Multan

Cantt Cottages Multan
Kasseim Edifice (Pvt) Ltd is subsidiary of Faisal Movers. This company is established with a mission to introduce new standards of developing high quality, affordable, safe and secure living areas in the country. Cantt Cottage is the first brain child of Kasseim to revive cultural heritage of Multan with modern design and facilities.

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  1. if there is any availability of 5 or 7 marla i am interested to buy on cash. pls let me know ASAP.

  2. Pls advise wt you have available and how much in cantt cottages?

    Pls send me map for available properties and prices. 

    I m interested more then 10marlas.

  3. Sir pl provide me information about 4/5 marla house.

  4. Sir, provide me information about c4monstructed house of 4 marla in ur
    avenue. Thanks

  5. please give me the details 5 marla house on installment thanks

  6. plz send me schedule of payment 8 and 5 marla phase 2.

  7. plz give me detailed price of 5 marla house.

  8. Dear
    I am ahmed and I need complete information.I am interested to buy home.
    my contact#03006364997

  9. The scheme no doubt seems expensive but if it is all that the company is claiming in real , than its worth buying !

  10. muhammad mahiwal

    I want to know the price and layout of 5 marla house

  11. I want to know the price and layout plan of 13 marla house

  12. please give me the details 5 marla house on instalment thanks

  13. Muhammad Mukhtar Alam

    Please send me 7 marla house payment shedule advance and how instalment of tenure please early send

  14. Dr Muhammad Imran Khan

    Pls send me detail for 5, and 7 marla house with and with out installments waiting for yrs positive response

  15. pls send me installment schedule of 5 & 7 marla homes. thanks


  16. hi,this is very excellent plan but expensive,plz want to know about the 5 marla house.

  17. Please inform me about 5 and 7 Marla home and its price in installments and total price !
    thank you!

  18. please give me the detail 5 Marla house .

  19. Engineer Naeem Tariq


    i am Naeem Tariq From Jahanian.I am the employer of Cantt Cottages Multan.

    The Scheme Looking as UK Housing Scheme.


    plz tell us complete installment time limits ur schedule
    if constructed homes are available than tell us the per
    marla scheme procedue and total number of bedrooms
    bath, kitchen,tv lounge in 5 and 7 marla scheme
    me Saad Ahmad from Atif property markeeting new
    Shashamas Colony MULTAN

  21. please give the cost of all your housing plan and the procedure of payment either installments or net basis

  22. my party is interested to buy a house in ur society. party want to buy 12,14 marla house in cash. plz inform price (final) number of beds, covered area, waiting. 03006505447

  23. how may i know the process and cost of the family plan 2, 5 marla house because the price and payment information isn’t provided in the website as i m looking forward to buy a house .. please provide me with correctr informaion as soon as possible..

  24. please give me the cost of 5 & 7 marla houses and schedule of payments

  25. Kindly arrange to mail the Payment shedule for 7 Marla plan please.

  26. please give me the deteil 5 marla house on instalment thanks

  27. hi,
    i m zeeshan pracha i just came back from pakistan……and booked a house in cantt cottages…..wel i think this the most beautifull and lovely housing scheme in Multan……coz it is so secure and not much rushed coloney……based on 85 units……..i want to clear some ppl who gave very bad comments…..wel it is not much expensive … is up to u what kind of house and wat kind of plan u want……i think it is afordable……..REGARDS

  28. hi.
    its too much expesive .. this scheme is really bullshit not afordable for belong to middle order pple… its failed housing scheme this is a time u pple change ur ming. otherwise u pple got lost..

  29. hi
    its really really flop housing schame.please change ur map and color of viewing if u change ur mind then u will see ur outstanding u hav 85 houses instead of 15 and ur saled house is please rushed and rub ur viewed

  30. please give me the details of 5 and 7 marla houses on instalments

  31. Hi
    5 marla price on installemnt is 36 lacs. and 7 marla price is 46 lacs..25 percent advance then the remaining u have to pay in 15 installemts.
    Its quite expensive but its nice.check out on its website

  32. please give me the cost of 5 & 7 marla houses and schedule of payments

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