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Cantt Villas Multan – Payment Plan

Classic Builders and Developers project of Cantt. Villas Multan is located in the cantonment area of Multan near aviation airbase (Airport) Multan. It has two types of villas size of 3.5 Marla and 6 Marla.

Introduction of Cantt Villas Multan

Satellite Maps of Cantt Villas Multan

Payment Schedule of Cantt Villas Multan

6 Marla                                  Plan 1                               Plan 2
Total Price         4,490,000            4,990,000
Discount           500,000               500,000
Final Price after discount        3,990,000            4,490,000
House Size 27 x 50 (150 Syd.) 27 x 50 (150 Syd.)
Covered Area 1789 sft. 2261 sft.
Accomodation 3 Bed + 3 Bath 5 Bed + 6 Bath + 2 Kitchen
 Booking               75,000                  75,000
 Allocation             150,000                150,000
 Confirmation             150,000                150,000
 Allottment             150,000                150,000
 Start of Work             150,000                150,000
Monthly Installments  20,000 x 10   30,000 x 10 
           200,000 300,000
Monthly Installments  30,000 x 22   40,000 x 23 
660,000 920,000
6 Half Yearly Installments  150,000 x 06   175,000 x 06 
900,000 1,050,000
Completion of Gray structure            375,000                425,000
Monthly Installments  50,000 x 12   50,000 x 11 
           600,000                550,000
At time of Possession/Registry            580,000                570,000
Total Amount        3,990,000            4,490,000


3.5 Marla                            Plan 1                        Plan 2
Total Price         2,790,000         3,090,000
Discount            300,000            300,000
Final Price after discount         2,490,000         2,790,000
House Size 21 x 38.7 (90 Syd.) 21 x 38.7 (90 Syd.)
Covered Area 1093 sft. 1285 sft.
Accomodation 2 Bed + 2 Bath 3 Bed + 4 Bath
 Booking                49,000               49,000
 Allocation                99,000               99,000
 Confirmation                99,000               99,000
 Allottment                99,000 99,000
 Start of Work                99,000               99,000
20 Monthly Installments  15,000 x 20   15,000 x 12 
            300,000             180,000
12 Monthly Installments  25,000 x 12   25,000 x 16 
            300,000             400,000
5 Half Yearly Installments  100,000 x 05   110,000 x 05 
            500,000             550,000
Completion of Gray structure             200,000             250,000
12 Monthly Installments  30,000 x 12   30,000 x 16 
            360,000             480,000
At time of Transfer              385,000             485,000
Total Amount         2,490,000         2,790,000

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  1. slam
    please can you inform me about 6 marla villa
    its total payment schedule
    total time of instalments 48 or how?
    half yearly instalment will start after 10+20 month?
    engr.hafiz riaz

  2. Arshad.Ali.Siddiqui

    Please send me complete Details about my Payment situation Villa No 76 witch on my name.witch i paid Or remaining….on my Email, thax

  3. Dear,
    Plz let me know booking is available or not. I am interested for 6 marla villa.
    waiting for urgent response.

  4. Dear

    I am interested to book a villa please let me know the available location on my mail.
    so that I can select the location and can confirm you about the villa and about payment schedule as classified Plan 1,2 of 3.5 Mirlas


  5. is it still going on.?

  6. we are interested in 6 marla with 3 bed rooms, we want 3 villas in a same location. can u please guide how to get more information about ur payment plan is it changeable or not. please reply me on my email id. thanks

  7. Good Day,
    I am intrested to book a villa please let me know the available location on my mail.
    so that I an select the location and can confirm you about the villa.

  8. hi i am interested in your villas so send me com pleat detail on my E.mail address i am waiting for your ans thanks

  9. Good Day

    i would like to inquire about 6 Marla house , i am interested ,as i look at the payment schedule i dont understand.

    Kindly explain well with reply in my e-mail ,

    Advance booking ?

    Every Month how much i need to pay ?

    i will be fine with 3 to 4 installemts in a year.

    let me know as soon as possible ,

    How long it takes to build the house if payment and all that in order,

    We possession process can be done?

    waitng for informative reply

  10. this is perfect sakeem

  11. the plan is very confusing , Let me know how can i understand it, pls could you send me the full details on my email id.

  12. we have booked a villa can we shift in villa when it will pepared?

  13. could you please send me the details further details and payment flexibilities. thanks

  14. can u pls send me all the details i m really interested pls send me the details about the 6 marals 3 beds rooms

  15. plz tell me after booking can we shift in the villa ?or after whole payment .

  16. Can u plZ tell us that when u will give the complete house.

  17. yay i do like it for 1 of my brothers…plz inform me regarding shifting..z there ny possibility dt my brother starts living wid his family after giving u downpayment n rest in instalments? thanx

  18. I want map for villas nambers

  19. It looks very dangerous giving u money on installment and after 4 years u will give us home. Who will give us guarantte that same home u will give us as u make sample homes there.And this project will not delay

  20. plz tell me everything in details

  21. i want 5bedsroom villas with monthly installment plz tell how i have to pay for booking and how i have to pay monthly and how much payment

  22. i want 6marals

  23. 6 Marals plan

  24. confused scheme! few points 1) four year is a long period who knows after 4 years management will be here in multan or somewhere else 2) after down payment one should have rights to live there its not like DHA where you can trust 100% many builders went away after collection of money so very important to see the pros and cons of every aspect. sincerely, waqar

  25. plz tell me 3.5marla plan 2 +9203336448186

  26. plz tell me after booking can we shift in the villa ?or after whole payment .

    • app bhi pagal hai kia app ko itni samjh nhi k jo ghar ban rahy hai wo nomaish k liy tu nhi ban rahy hai ye tamam ghar rehaish k liy ban rahy hai samjh mai aai ya nhi plz reply from king

  27. Payment plan is confusing.. Please send me detailed on one my email, and let me know the appropriate time to visit the location.

    Areeb (

    • Ms. Areeb

      I 100% agree with you. the Plans is so confusing and not given all details/definition of Plan1 or Plan2. If you get some information about it pls inform to me and oblige.

      With best regards


      • are u both mental u cant understand that this house sakeem delar gave all detail on this website but u r not understanding .i hope u will unerstand ok and rdply me must from king

  28. AOA .

    Send me procedure of villas booking and office timing in which you will be available for booking and give me some special discount if possible.


  29. AOA
    Can you send me payment plant of cantt villas and other detail via email and how to contact from abroad

  30. AOA,
    can you send me the Payment Plan of Cantt Villas Multan throgh e-mail & also advise that how i can contact from abroad.

    thanks & regards,
    Noor Hussain
    cell # 00971-504118286

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