CDA start development work in I-11 sector Islamabad

ISLAMABAD (December 28, 2011) : Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started development work in the sector of I-11 Islamabad. Months after gaining “full possession” of land in Sector I-11 in April, the city managers on Wednesday announced that development of basic infrastructure has begun.

Satellite Location Map Sector I-11 Islamabad

The development of the sector had been stalled for over two decades, and it was only early this year that 750 acres of land – from which 2,500 plots will be carved – were cleared of encroachments. Some pockets in subsectors I-11/3 and 4 though have still not been cleared.

In a meeting with plot-owners and other senior officers on Wednesday, Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Farkhand Iqbal reviewed the development work in Sector I-11.
“Development work in the sector has begun,” declared the CDA spokesman, Ramzan Sajid.Quoting the chairman, the spokesman said since compensation of land had been disbursed among the original land owners, further encroachments and illegal retention of possession will not be tolerated.
Most encroachers are actually original land owners who were not willing to vacate their land.
The reason was non-payment of the cost of their Built-Up Property (BUP), which was also to be paid under the same award of land. BUP includes all structures – boundary walls, residential quarters and other construction – raised on the land.
“Some 2,500 people were deprived of the possession of their land,” the chairman was quoted by the spokesman.
Last year the CDA signed a package deal with the affected people: it promised to allot a plot to each claimant.
Hence, 2,400 plots were allotted to the residents of the villages of Soran (Sector I-11) and Bokra (Sector I-12) and cash compensation for BuP was also given. In return, the CDA got possession of 12,000 kanals.
It has been learnt that the newly appointed CDA chairman has suggested that work be undertaken at an accelerated pace so that the plot owners could build their houses and the cash strapped authority could generate funds by selling commercial plots in the sector.
And so far work has been progressing smoothly. “We have not faced any resistance to development work in sector I-11,” he added. The CDA chief claimed that development work will be expedited in other sectors, including I-15, D-12 and E-12, as well.
“Development of these sectors will resolve housing unit shortage in the federal capital and establish the writ of the authority,” he said
(Published in Daily Dawn on 29-12-2011)