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  1. mansoor
    mansoor June 13, 2012 at 12:28 PM | | Reply

    C.D.A. people should not announced any sector, until they should not completely occupied the land 100 % and afterward their own armoured task force security team monitor the sector daily basis otherwise it will be a big joke and fraud for the people of pakistan, what c.d.a. people did for the sectors D-12 & E-12 & many more sectors which was announced 23 years before and taken the money and then peoples are behind these C.D.A. will do something. they are not doing any thing for these sectors. some time supreme court show the muscles & some time high court. Now a days Mr. fasal sahid but try to show the muscles and high court interepted him dont show the muscle, we are sufficent to show it.January 2011 or 2010 prime Minister assigned the duty to C.D.A. next target to develop E-12 after D-12 development. nothing was happened for E-12,till now. I am overses Pakistani, working in U.A.E. & thinking U.A.E.Govt. giving to their citizen’s plots 5000/6000 sq.yards free, banks giving loans and making their own villas & villas for rent. our Govt. doing nothing only promissing. our C.D.A. organisation making money for promissing peoples like us. please tell me is their any solution for our country, where our innocent peoples and trapping and looting and promissing only.Mansoor

  2. faisal
    faisal June 29, 2012 at 8:37 AM | | Reply

    in this cda budget they have keep any amout for the facties off c-15 and c-16 and if they have when they will started awards and plus files two the facties

  3. Hashim Raza
    Hashim Raza July 20, 2012 at 4:10 AM | | Reply

    AOA readers, I know that CDA is most currupt organization in Islamabad espacially in this Government CDA break the record in curruption. People know better about the progress of CDA espacially for the development of E-12 sector. CDA officals are busy only for making black money. I know many offcers in CDA who are making black money bravely without any fear. The only solution to stop the curruption in CDA espacially is to gather all top officers including chairman, dirctors and burn them. They only interested in making black money. They don’t think for those people who are waiting for the development of E-12 and paying heavy rent for shelter and are not in condition to provide basic necessities of life to their childerns.
    I hope one day come for justice and these sort of currupt people will be hang and capture. Insha-Allah

  4. saleem khan
    saleem khan December 5, 2014 at 6:21 PM | | Reply


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