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Development in G14 sector Islamabad, Allottees protest against delays

Development in G14 sector Islamabad, Allottees protest against delays

Islamabad (DailyTimes / Sunday, September 1, 2013) – Thousands of allottees expressed grave concern over the fact the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) has failed to develop the Sector G14 despite the lapse of nine years.

Location Map of G-14/2,3 Sector Islamabad
Location Map of G-14/2,3 Sector Islamabad

The allottees said that the development work in sector G14/2 and G3 has been ongoing at a snail’s pace. Even the survey of houses had not been completed in Sector G14/1, they added.

The allottees, which included retired government employees, said that they were living in rented houses even after their retirement and had to pay a major chunk of their pension amount in rent.

They have appealed to the housing minister, housing secretary and housing foundation DG to ensure that the development work in the sector is sped up. The allottees went on to say that they wanted to construct their homes in the sector, as it was impossible for them to live in a rented house after retirement.

CDA clarifies news item: CDA has contradicted a “fallacious and misleading” news item about the illegal encroachment in the green areas north of Sector D12.

According to a press statement issued on Saturday, the CDA has banned any kind of construction activity in the green area since July 2013 after receiving reports of construction activity.

FIRs were registered against the culprits in the wake of action taken on August 21, 2013. It was reiterated that the CDA’s Directorate of Enforcement was vigorously campaigning to curtail illegal occupation in the area as a consequence of which illegal construction was demolished.

A case had also been registered against violators in Golra Police Station.

The press release said that the CDA would like to draw attention to the Islamabad Capital Territory Zoning Regulations wherein for the areas falling in ‘Zone-3’ “no change in land use” except for projects related to conservation, preservation were allowed. No “sale purchase” of land was to take place, which entails change in land use, the press release further stated.

The CDA said that there was a ban on construction activity in the area where boundaries of Shah Allah Ditta, Pind Sangrial and Siri Siral meet as well as other green areas. The CDA also warned the general public not to invest in such schemes that were planned in the preserved forest areas in their own interest.

Dengue threat in Capital: Residents of Sector I8 have complained that the federal capital has become a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes while the authorities concerned are ignoring the issue.

No preventive measures have been taken in this regard, they added. The residents claimed dengue mosquitoes were in Sector I8 on account of which dengue fever was spreading in the area.

They further said that they were fumigating the area on their own. They said that due to the monsoon rains, water had accumulated outside their houses. They went on to say that this water was a real cause for concern and they found themselves living in difficult conditions.

The residents of the area demanded that Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Nadeem Hassan take immediate notice of the issue so that the residents of the area could get some relief. (online)

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  1. what is happeinging in G-14/2, when i will be given possession of my plot. I was retired in 2006. should i hope that i will have my own shelter my own home at g-14/2. i hope i will be given reply early.

  2. God Bless all allottees! these mafias may never allow you to construct house on your legal plots during your life. They are controlled by Malik Riyaz and in FGHEF and CDA’s employees are on these land mafias payroll. who protect interest of land mafia instead of helping government emplyee. last 15 years they couldn’t handover possession in G-14 and I-14 to poor employees. Shame….. endless

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