DHA Karachi to improve living environment, DHA issued communique to inform/update residents

Karachi DHA to improve living environment, DHA issued communique to inform/update the residents
Defense Housing Authority issues communique to inform/update residents about steps being taken by society

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Karachi (Sunday, August 26, 2012) – Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is taking various measures to improve the living environment in the area.
An official said here the other day that the DHA has issued a communique to inform/update the residents about these measures being taken by the housing authority to improve the living environment.
The communique enunciates the roles and functions of DHA and Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC), the two separate organisations working in tandem for the shared goal of providing best civic facilities for the welfare and well being of DHA residents.
The DHA is essentially a development authority (a body corporate) responsible for carrying out land usage planning and infrastructural development, while CBC being a service provider assures provision of municipal services and maintenance of civic infrastructure in developed phases of DHA. However, presently DHA is performing most of these functions in DHA Phase-VIII as it is not fully developed yet.
It was pointed out that for the convenience of DHA residents and members, some of the major functions of CBC include distribution of water, maintenance of roads, streetlights, traffic signals, parks, sewerage system, commercial areas, plots and all maintenance related work.
Cleanliness of the area including garbage collection/disposal, bush shredding etc also falls under the jurisdiction of CBC.
Infrastructural development in DHA Phase-VIII has gained momentum and is being completed on a fast track basis as per the timelines set forth.
Two to three more sectors of Phase-VIII will be opened for construction of houses by the next year whereas rest of the major infrastructure works would be completed in three-four years.
Comprehensive master planning of DHA Phase-VII Extension has also been completed and infrastructure work of the area would commence soon to provide all requisite civic facilities to residents.
It was pointed out that the DHA is working concertedly on early revival and rehabilitation of the stalled Cogen Plant in DHA to ensure availability of additional water. The process is complex and entails dealing with numerous stakeholders.
However, lately the rehabilitation process has started rolling and positive results are expected soon.
The preliminary development works on the site of DHA’s new mega project, DHA City Karachi have commenced while Sector Development Works in the area would start in next few months. Balloting of plots in DCK is being planned by the end of this year.
DHA made concerted efforts to revive the dormant water front development projects failing which DHA land was repossessed in most cases through the help of court. DHA remains committed to the concerns of allottees/affectees, while handling these projects and is continuously interacting with the developers for early revival of such projects.
DHA has formulated a new security plan to improve the security in the area and has also planned electronic surveillance of the entire DHA in phases. 120 digital cameras at all entry/exit points have been installed in DHA for surveillance/monitoring of the focal points while 260 more cameras are being added in Phase-II of the programme, furthering the aim to attain safe and secure environment in DHA.
Administrator DHA, Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi, said that comfort and convenience of residents remains the top priority of DHA and concerted efforts were being made to provide the best housing and residential facilities to residents.