Elite Town Lahore Application Form, Terms & Conditions

Elite Town Lahore Application Form, Rules and Regulations

Terms and Condition for Sale / Purchase of Plots

Applicant shall have to abide the rules & regulations, criteria and bylaws in respect of allotment, trading, possession, ownership, construction and transfer of the plots, the applicant shall abide by the following terms and conditions.

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Elite Town Master Plan

Elite Town Plots Price Plan

Elite Town Lahore Application Form for Booking

One application form will be used only for one plot, for more plots, separate application forms must be filled, along with the detail of the plots.
The time fixed for the payment of each installment is the essence of the agreement. Delayed payment shall be accepted only on the fine of Rs. 40/- per day for the maximum period of 90 days, after that the plot shall be cancelled and paid amount shall be refunded on completion of the project after deduction of 30% of the total price of the plot.
In case of refund or withdrawal, the applicant will not be entertained with any sort of mark-up, but contrary to this 30% service charges will be deducted of the total price of plot.
The administration of elite town has reserved the right to cancel the allotted plots and allot the same in the name of anyone else in case of withdraw (or cancellation the allottee name from the plot due to non payment), the decision of the administration committee will be final which cannot be challenged before any forum.
Applicant will be allowed to transfer the plot after paying the charges. The whole proceedings in connection with transfer of the plot shall be carried in the office of the Elite town.
Development work include Roads, Sewerage, Water Supply. On the other side, External Electrification Charges, Grid Sharing Cost, Sui Gass Charges, Telephone Charges will be charge later.
In case of any dispute between the allottee and the administration, the decision of the administration shall be final.
Installment shall be paid through bank draft/pay orders /cheques/Cash, in favor of “Rahim Group” only, on the address of the “Elite Town” through personal visits, post or courier.
2- Aurangzaib Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. UAN: 111-927-927

Application Form for Plots

Membership No.___________            Form No.______________            Date:    ____/_____/_____
1.    Name Mr./Mrs./Miss    _____________________________________________________________________________
2.    Father’s/Husband’s Name    ______________________________________________________________________
3.    Address    ___________________________________________________________________________________
4.    National Identify Card No
Please attach a photocopy
5.    Occupation    ___________________________________________________________________________________
6.    Telephone Off.    _________________        Residence ________________        Mobile __________________
7.    Nomine Name    _________________________________________    Relation with Applicant    __________________
8.    National Identify Card No
Please attach a photocopy
9.    Nominee Address    _____________________________________________________________________________