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FECHS – Jinnah Gardens Phase I Islamabad – Plots for Sale

Federal Employees Cooperative Housing Society (FECHS) – Jinnah Gardens Phase I Islamabad – Plots for Sale – CDA Approved Layout Plan of FECHS Jinnah Gardens Phase 1 Islamabad.


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  1. What is status of the society regarding the development and handing ond the plots.

  2. any update on election???????????? election was scheduled on 9th Dec. what is the update on phase-1 map approval ???????/

  3. Muhammad Maroof Abbasi

    I have lost my home/ property in earthquake of 2005 with all savings of life I had purchased a plot in Jinnah Garden and for the last 13 years, I have been waiting for its possession which might be given to me in heaven when Almighty Allah will catch Mr. Atta Muhammad and Col. Nazar because, no one in this society and Government including Janab Imran Khan Sahib, Honourable Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan can do any thing for Poor who had purchased one plot but denied its possession during 13 years and we are fast reaching to death and will left Children with out shelter.

    • Boss i m victim too i go to several offices society sold us the land of. Railyway pakistan no one is listening they are ramseis of 2018 i m strugling to get my right from past 3 year no justice at all……. I appeal several places but no. Response Now i figure out that may b col. Nazar is more strong then prime minister of pakistan bcoz no one is. Listening zulm. Ka. Nizaam hai yahan zulm Allah b ni sunta in ko. Tabha b ni krta

    • Please use the social media platform and try to convey your message to Chief Justice of Pakistan or Mr. Shahryar Afridi Interior Minister of State.

      These two guys are awesome and really can do this impossible.

  4. My name is Adnan Mir and i am the owner of Plot 30*60 in Jinnah Garden phase V. When the society will open the Plot Possession process. Please open the process and we want to build the house in our plot. We don’t know about the problem but my recently visit to FECHS, they informed us that the work will stop due to the restriction of CDA, but according to my understanding something wrong from the FECHS. So my humbly request to please clear your all dispute to CDA and give possession to the needy.

  5. AoA,
    i am major Khalid, want to sell my plot, size 30×60, Jinnah garden phase one. plot # 28 , street 225B.
    contact 03002153993.

  6. i have plot i jinah garden for sale please contact 03335847490

  7. Ibought file st276 in 2014at rupees 14 lack by a fraidia dealer .what is posisition of possession since long .i got allotment letter from society office in blue area.how can i know that it is original not fake can any body guide me

  8. I am urgently looking for 30×60 plot in jinnah garden phase 1 with posession. only owner plz drop me a message i will call u. Raza-3215044139. No broker will be entertain

  9. Please inform me about the date of new election.
    We are waiting for the possession of our plot but elections’ date has been postponed many times.There is no development being done by society management.
    They are charging double electricity rates from every house and not handing over electricity system to WAPDA.
    We are really worried.

    • I have commercial plot and also facing similar issue with Society. This is only genuine Housing society on Express-way (CDA Approved) very good location but ignorance of management, poor development, might is right policies are damaging this society. Even Naval Anchorage was not willing to give Interchange entrance/connection and nobody from FECHS management was available at site.

      Please be patient.


    • slam …election nae honay sub plots owners nay intzaar main he zindgee guzar daynee hy…..

  10. Qazi Asif Mahboob

    Agreed. Latest news (what I know) about the society is that the Election scheduled in Oct.17 was postponed as a petition filed in the court by the previous management on their disqualification on participation in the election due to such complains from various side.

    Now it is great need and time to gather all victims in one plat form and should try to appear / submitted collective application in the court against the previous management and bring an honest office bearers through election. My contact is : 0333-56 493 56 (qasifmahboob@gmail.com

    • Malik Muhammad Jawad

      Agreed. Let us make a whats app group and take a step to secure our investments, other wise its never ending.+923008554412.

      • Qazi Asif Mahboob

        Agreed. I m ready to join group of victims of JG. My contact number 0333 56 493 56.
        I think we have to attend court hearings as party.

        • Kindly confirm if there is any such whats app group made for jinnah garden, so that I can also join.

          • Lets join together, save whatsapp no in contact list and invite each other and then we will make a Chat group name “JG-1 Victims”.

            My Whatsapp no: +966504528908


  11. Hello,

    Is there any progress in develeopment of Jinnah Garden Society since it has been in hibernate mode since 2012.

  12. Farrukh Shahzad Ahmed

    Any body want to sale 30 * 60 plot please let me know. I want to purchase from the owner directly instead of property dealer. Please contact me on fshahzad11@gmail.com.

    Thank you

  13. I am Khalid,
    I want to sell my plot, size 30×60, street 225B, plot # 28, in jinnah garden phase 1.
    Interested pals can contact on 03002153993.

  14. i want to sale my file in st 255 jinnah garden. demand. 1,800,000/- PKR

  15. Dear admin. My plot was shifted from Phase-II to Phase-I and I am looking anxiously for development of land. can u (or any body inform me the status)

  16. I am interested to purchase one 8/10 marla (200/250 sq yds) plot in Jinnah Garden Phase-I… Any suggestion ??? Is it worth ??? Which street should I go for???

  17. Aoa

    All mu brother who are facing problem with JINAH GARDEN society

    can they help me that if i am looking for a plot then where should be. i mean to say on which streets e.t.c

    Your opinion can save someone from a misery in which you are right now

    i hope someone will take time to answer my question

    my number is 03335268628

  18. Aoa

    I am looking to buy a plot


    My name is Ahsan Pervaiz


    my range is 16 LAKH. Please do mention the street No and plot number as well

  19. I want to purchase plot 30*60
    in street no 250 in phase 1
    Anyone wants to sale file contact me at 0334 7023016

  20. i want to purchase a plot file in assembly sector near to cutting in a range of 18 Lac if some one help me i will be great-full Gulfam Ali 03215140422

  21. Consider me in , i am also a victim. I bought a file, paid all dues and waiting since 2013 to see my plot physically. I suggest to make a group on whatsup and update each other for the progress or any move we take should be together for our own benefit.
    I am available on 03008554412.

    • Syed Ali Mashhood

      I am In as well… if we can put this matter in the media that might help us to speed up the progress.

      00971559266018 – WhatsUp me if you need any support.

    • This Society is one of the biggest fraud in Asia. The Society has no land, no fund for development. The investors were employees/ members of different Unions like OGDCL employees Union who ran away after selling the fictitious land which was not purchased by the society but shown in the layout plan. This was told one of the member in the site office of society who visited the site just to have its present status. I am ready to contribute for approaching high ups including Supreme Court or NAB.

      • I agree with u people.

      • The Society held its Annual General Meeting which was failed badly as members boycott. However, I have now received new election Notice and asked for nomination for candidates.
        You are all requested to form a group and participate in the comming election so that we may get rid off extreme criminal people of the society.

    • We have already whatsapp gruop. Plz join us. Invitation will be sent. 03009080566

  22. I am also disappointed from management of Jinnah garden. I took a plot with full payment and now they told me that due to a mistake at the area of my plot there is a street now and there is no plot on map at my area initially mentioned. This is their fault not mine. Now they are saying that they will issue me a plot in the new developing area so how they can compare the area developed 3 years ago vs newly developed area. They are making us fool. No one is their who can listen to you all are united to cheat the public.

  23. Jinnah Garden housing MANAGEMENT is totaly faild to construct this society they do not want to spend money as whole , i think we should get to gether and pressurize them to improve their working capability , i have file in 292 steet and waiting for keyamat so i can encounter them.
    PLZ JOIN HANDS and share the numbers mu cell number is 03212361087

    • Dear Tahir,

      I am ready for any contribution and glad that you are going to take the initiative. please inform me if you need any support from my side and I will be informing other member as well in order to join in this regards.



      Syed Ali 00971559266018

    • i am agreed with u thair bhai. i m in stand with u please tell m waht to do.

  24. I want to buy 7, 8 marla plot in jinnah gardens. No broker. 03349242718

  25. i want to purchase a File of 7 marla at Jinnah Garden Phase-I, Islamabad. if anyone want to sale please contact. Kindly give complete address and demand of File / plot if text on cell. My contact numbers are as follows:


    • I have file of plot # 23 street # 264. If interested call me 03009080566/051-9220648. I am Deputy Chief in Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms.
      Engr. Zafar Ul Amin

  26. Jawad Malik Muhammad

    Can any one tell What is the status of Phase 2. Is there any progress?
    Please share your feedback.

  27. Can any one tell What is the status of streets 272 to 285 or 300 ST , WHEN development works will start there. ???

  28. I need to sell a plot in street 30 of phase 1 of size 30×60 sy. All dues are clear. Contact on 03315064506 or 03325270546 for offer pl.

    Commander Abdul Ghafoor Tahir

  29. Hello evryone!

    Jinnah Garden phase I is mostly developed. Can anyone suggest me that when developmenet would be started around street No 299. I am going to purchase a plot here.Thank you.

  30. Now the society has just installed a board showing phase II on it. But it is confirm that they have not purchased any land for it yet. No chances of development so far in coming 10 years. tabdeeli ki yahan bhi zarurat hai

  31. I would like to sale my plot 30 x 60 in Jinnah Garden phase -1. please send me your offer on this email alimashhood@gmail.com



    Syed Ali

  32. Meharan Estate Agency

    All members of Federal Govt Employees Started Mehran Estate to support Govt employees in respect of Sale purchase and rent with minimum commission, and suggestion to by plots for future earning.
    Mehran Estate, PWD Islamabad

  33. Jinnah Garden Phase-I shall be good society in near future inshallah. Dont wory.

    • muhammad maroof abbasi

      Since 10 years the management of the society has not been able to develop the streets No. 150 onward how you say it is good society. It is Asia’s biggest fraud in its history. Soon you will fee that the society does not own land.

  34. Dear All,

    If anybody want to sale their plot or file in Jinnah Garden Phase-I or Phase-II. Do contact me.

    Kashif Ali

    • I have file of plot # 23 street # 264. If interested call me 03009080566/051-9220648. I am Deputy Chief in Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms.
      Engr. Zafar Ul Amin

  35. Dear Administration of Jinnah Garden
    I have purchase a plot in National Assembly of Pakistan Housing Society-Islamabad from since Last seven years.
    The personnel of society delayed time to time to expose the right message or convenes, now I heard from some of people informed and given plot against clearance of pending dues.
    In fact my complete postal address and cell number was given to Society for any correspondence but they reluctant to contact me.
    Therefore you are requested to kindly do a favor and consider me as a nominee for such kind of Plot in good place or block
    Waiting for your prompt response and cooperation in this regards

    Atiq ur Rehman
    Cell# 0345 911 2992

  36. I want to purchase a plot of 30×60 in Jinnah, if anyone interested to sell please contact me on 0333-5419193.


  37. Can any one tel me about that development started or not in phase 1 of jinnah garden ?

  38. ishtiaq ahmad 0344-5915458

    i want to purchase a plot of 30*60 at Jinnah Garden Phase-I, Islamabad. if anyone want to sale please contact. Kindly give complete address and demand of plot if text on cell. My contact numbers are as follows:

    Cell can not be contacted due to poor signals in day time.

  39. i hv also plot in jinah phas 1.can anybody tell me decision of railwy land how many foot land is included in railwy authrty

  40. What has been stated by people is very right.It seems as the society management people are cheating the members because they lie and lie.

  41. There is no “RIGHT PEOPLE”. All of them become land grabbers after wining election.

  42. i have a plot in Phase 1

  43. I agree that we should decide a date to get together for protest in front of their main office.
    my email is naseer@hotmail.com
    please drop me your names, mobile numbers and emails with the plot details in order to prepare a list, so that we can communicate for protest plan further.


    • Malik Muhammad Jawad

      Is there is any progress, we really need to meet some place and prepare a plan of peace full protest. We paid all the installments and no action has been taken yet. As they previously communicated, anyone having plot in Phase II will be shifted to Phase I upon clearing all the dues.

      They also collect money for election but no action. Paying salaries of their staff with our deposited funds, and waiting time.

      We need to make a society where decisions are made on polling and not by one individual even he is the head of the society.

      I am sure no one has extra money to pay and forget, like we did in this case.

      Join the hands.

  44. 23-MAR-2014





  45. In fact we must almost 100 members together in society for protesting than we shall go to court for society wrong commitments.
    If any one is interested then contact 0333-5507604

    • I m agree with Bashir Sb and other members of Jinnah Garden-II. My number is 0333-5649356. Pl. tell me further line of action.
      Qazi Asif Mahboob

  46. you people choose secretary and other management just select the good people among and kick them out . The person among you exactly know your problem. every where situation is same . They only active during election day.. otherwise just earn money as example of PWD. 600 Rs/- from each family and work is nothing this is good source of income lifetime… so get unite and throw them out. This is the onlly solution of your problem.

  47. wakai society hey boht. jb me chota tha tb is me plot liey they r abi shadi ho k bechy b ho gey r in ney abi tk plotting b ni ki.

  48. DEAR ALL


  49. i m making house in jinnah gardan kindly made the development early or roads should be carpeted thanks

  50. Good News
    Jinnah Garden Extension development I saw on ground.
    About Jinnah Garden Ph-II, site location could not be find. However, on visited office, known by the Secretary Mr.Atta that phase-II is also within extension area and Board will be installed next week.

    Information with me are shared.

  51. I have the plot in Jinnah Garden Phase 2. i do no when the start the development work. please any one know about any news please keep in let us know.
    If any one know about……. FECHS still transfer plot form Jinnah Garden Phase 2 to Jinnah Garden Phase 1 or is end last year.

    Thanks all of you…….

  52. thanks for ur information as i was planning to purchase a plot in jinnah gardens but now i am not

  53. Dear All,

    Here I,ll advised to all administration of Jinah Garden Phase I Islamabad, please look into the problems of the people i.e roads, sewerge and security. There are lot of blander lapses in jinah garden security system. Here again I humbly requested to all management of the Jinah Garden (FECHS) phase I ISBD to look into the above mentioned problems seriously.Please take some bold steps to resolve these problems.

  54. Ok here is my comment.

    Yeh Jinnah Garden aur Korang town mein development k incharge log bohat hi bare behnchod hain….in kanjr salon ki taangein kabr mein latki wi hain per yeh seaton pe beth k apni maan chudwa rahe hain…
    jinnah garden mein last 4 years mein plot ki prices wohi pe stuck hain
    korang town aao tu in kute k bachon ne koi maintenance nahin rakhi wi….kanjri k bache hain yeh sare….roads k bure halaat hain
    ek railway track k neeche ek underpass banaya hai abb wahan pe apni betion ko bechte hain…in kuti k bachon ko koi gadhe ka lund de k behnchodo isse kholo….
    madarchod hain sare….
    ooo behnchodo agr zera si bhi sharam hai tu maaan lunooo apne app ko goliaan maar lo….

  55. we should all keep in contact via facebuk or email. we should form a group .sb mil k denda de in ko to thek ho jay ge. i have plots in phase 1 abi wo ni nzr a ry k kiha hey ap phase 2 ko ro ry ho. very bad society

  56. Any news about whether people got merging allotment letters from phase 2 to phase 1 yet???


  58. Hi Everyone, could you guide me on two things:

    1. What is the situation of development in phase 1 around street 77 area, possessions are not given yet, do you have any information or idea when the society management is planning to do that?

    2. Do you have the map of the phase 1? From where i can get that?

    Thanking in advance.

  59. Good News***********************************for All those allottees of phase-2 who have cleared their due payment, that society soon will arrange a gathering for issuance of allotment letter for merging their plots in phase-1. This gathering may be arranged upto first week of November2012.Further information may be get from society office.Either by visit or on tel:No 9245155. ************Good Luck*************

  60. dear i hv also plot in jinnah garden, i purched it last year, but stilll no responcessss. kindly inform me obout latest information

    • Now the elected society members are claiming that in the month of october,2012 the allotment to the members/purchasers who have deposited all their dues would be issued, for the purpose they claimed that all necessary arrangements are being taken .They also informed that the delay in the issuance of allotmlent orders was owing to some unresolved legal formalities which have been cleared.It is my request that all allottees may approach to society office and exert their ligitimate pressure upon the very cool society “Khadims”for early positive action.Good luck,,,

    • 03345330333 if u have a plot just cal me

  61. The elected office bearears of society may heed to the concerns of the allottees/members of phase-2.i fear the reputation of the society may humilated if the resposibe president/secretary of the society will not come positive to their commitment for early allotment of plots at the end of running month!

  62. Dear All members of Jinnah Garden Phase II,

    I have also one plot in Jinnah Garden phase 2.They also promised me that they will give me plot no if i pay total cost including development charges and to possession of plot in Phase-1 on April 15, 2012. They promised to give plot number along with map on April 15. Now they are extending dates from one to other. I think we people facing problem like me should go to the court for our right. officials of Jinnah Garden are playing game with us and their behaviour is not good. they looks cheaters.

  63. I have the same feeling. I had one plot in phase 2.They asked me to pay total cost including development charges to get plot in Phase-1. They promised to give plot number along with map before June 10. Now they have extended the date to end of this month. I think people working in Jinnah Gardens are crook and they just trying to steel public money for their benefits. Also officials at Jinnah Garden are very un-friendly and un-profesional

    • Dear Members Jinnah Garden Phase 2
      Keep in mind FECHS Ibd doesnt buy land for phase 2. society have some kanal near Kahuta for planing phase 2 but its just for cheating the people & members. you can confirm it from CDA. society doesnt have lay out, master plan for phase 2. Society didnt have aproved master plan for Phase 1 Extention which is going to progres in society eye. i have visited following gentlemen & talked to them.
      Yes its true. you can confirm it from Ejaz Ahmed Sh CDA Dy. Director Housing society Zone V Ibd ph. 9252630.
      Tariq Ayub Director CDA Housing Scoieties Zone V, Ph 9252636.

      • Aoa Dear i have also buy a plot in jinnah garden ph 2 same problem with me plz contact with me 0315 5040121 thanks

  64. We request the society to speed up you work FOR GOD SACK. Do mercy on us.
    Though you are doing some work but not enough. At least tell the people exact location of their plots as per CDA PLAN approved if any.

    • I m very sorry to say i have the same feelings about FECHS ibd. The president, Secretary or management of the society isnt serious about the development works. on contacting the office they are giving the date on date. The president, management are cheater, crook and they are just trying their best to get money for their own pockets & for their life style & for Prado.
      The office bearears, management or concern of the society not fullfil their commetment. it may teke 8 to 10 yrs for phase 2 & for phase 1 it will take 4 to 5 yrs if you people wait. still no roads, no street, not water, no gas, no electrucity.
      society is just leveling mountain and selling files just for cahs

  65. i visited this society yesterday.i am extremely disappointed to see that no machinery is on work.some tractors and water tanks are standing ,completely rusted.no activity at all.

  66. we have house in Jinnah garden, but we noted there is no construction progress, every time society people informed us we start road, water line , and gas system , but they only promise, in practical they can not do any thing, we informed society people is they are not starting development we informed to media. so pls start we before take any action.



  67. i am incharge of medina town which is located at a good location near jinnah gadens. there r plots as well as houses for sale at reasonable rates. now you can enjoy a healthy, pleasant and viewfull livelihood here . moreove our dealing is very frierdly .so don’t forget to avail soon.

  68. muhammad sadique

    jinah garden housing not like a good reputation society,there is totaly un educated and unbear able peaple are sitting they didnt know how to deal with guest,tannent,they totaly faild to provide service there staff want to take mony from new coming,unfortunatly i m fed from their sevice and dealing

    • Ofcourse NOt ma Dear . Not all Dealers … U can come anytym for free consultation wid us … and sorry from the side of those dealers who disappoint u .

      • Dear sir i want to know the crunt value of plots in jinnah garden phase 1. and if you have any plot for sale in this soceiety pls also send me with the crunt price, i am interested in 1 kanal. thnx
        Naeem Basra

      • I have a 40 x 80 plot at Jinnah Garden and need to construct a house with Basement, Ground Floor and First Floor. Kindly advise me on the mandatory building layout requirements. Please advise on the standard setbacks from front and back. Also confirm if I can make my own layout or follow the standard set layout by FECHS.

      • Jinnah Gardens staff are DACOITS and THIEVES.They have swallowed my one kanal plot and now refuse any kind of compensation.

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