Gold Point Shopping Mall Rawalpindi Murree Road (Old Naz Cinema)

Gold Point Mall is Situated at old Naz Cinema, Murree Road Rawalpindi, Gold Point is a place of spectacular art, thriving culture, endless shopping, unbelievable dining and lively Gold and Bridal shopping, All this in Rawalpindi city. Amid the whirl of excitement you will find Gold Point, a Gold Center, a timeless landmark of Rawalpindi with spot capturing memories.

Gold Point Shopping Mall Rawalpindi at Murree Road (Old Naz Cinema)

Striking the balance between its past and limitless future, Gold Point, the ultimate luxury lifestyle destination, has emerged from a recent multi million transformation to reflect a new and contemporary spirit. While traditions remain, exciting new offerings at Gold Point renew the excitement.

Location wise we are second to none, located on the commercial hub of twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Its location makes it the most beneficial place for both customers and businessmen.
Gold Point holds a well planned parking facility, facilitating clients to pop in & walk away without hindrance, plus vigilant security arrangement monitoring exactly what is going on in the plaza besides business activity.
It is ideal selection for business of Golden ornaments, Jewellery and Bridal Shopping.
Gold point means a place that mints Gold coins realistically. Its vibrant atmosphere has inviting freshness for the buyer, which hatches ‘success’ to the shop owner in return.
If you are thinking in terms of extension of business or working on the prospects of new plunge in business Gold Point is the place to start with full confidence.
Made by SAP Group, a booming institution which needs no introduction. Architect by Khalid Abdul Rehman of Landmark Construction International.