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Guidlines & Tips to Buy a House (New House)

Buying a New House (built by the developer):

a) Most important factor is the reputation of the developer or constructor. At present in Pakistani market, there are two types of developers/constructors.
First, those which develop complete housing projects and the other type is which undertake small projects of one or two houses.
b) Location of the project is also very important. It should have good accesses & should have a pleasant surrounding.
c) Check from independent sources, the past projects and their delivery of developer/contractor
d) Do not just go for the words of the developer about quality and the delivery of the projects.
e) Also inspect the site of the project, see the planning of scheme and observe the pace of development work.
f) Model houses can be a good way to inspect the work of a developer. Be sure to check with the staff of what is supplied and what is not in the shown model house.
g) Clarify all your doubts about the architectural & structural plan of the individual housing unit.
h) Also, do the same for the overall project area. Clarify all the doubts regarding the amenities & other facilities.

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