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Marketing Consultants: STAR Marketing (Pvt,) Ltd.

Country wide  Access : UAN:111-111-160

ISLAMABAD: 26 Mir Trade Center, 1st Floor, Civ* Center, Melody Food Park, Melody,

Islamabad. Ph: 051-2820887, 2820834 , 2820854. Fax: 051-2820730

PESHAWAR: Deans Trade Center, TF-325 & 326, Saddar, Opposite State Sank,

Peshawar Ph: 091-5250139-40

LAHORE: Office No. 112, 1st Floor. Skjdiq Trade CenUe. 72-Main Boulevard,

Gulberg-II, Lahore. Ph: 042-35817311-14 Fax: 042-35817316

FAISALABAD: 269-IB, First Floor, Shahzad Trade Center, Harrian Wala Chowk, Near

McDonalds, People’s Colony 1, Faisalabad. Ph: 041-111-111-160

MULTAN: 16-17, 2nd Floor, Khan Centre, Abdali Road, Multan.

Ph: 061-454&416-17-18 Fax: 061-4516417

NOWSHERA: Office No. 1, 1st Floor, Amin Tower, Shobra Chowk, Main G.T. Road,

Nowshera. Ph: 0923-611844-46

KARACHI: Mezzanine Floor, Topra Plaza, Main University Road, Opp. Urdu Science

College, Karachi. Ph: 021-34974674-76 Fax: 021-34974667

QUETTA: 204, 2nd Floor, Mozammil Square, Shahbaz Town, Phase-!, Quetia.

Ph: 081-2843315 , 2843318. Fax: 081-2863033


USA: 001-916 801 MIS. 001-916141-1138. CANADA: 00I-28977S3765, UNITED KINGDOM: 0044-7535620600, 0044-7576114159,0044-1733 557090.00447S33704S65, SAUDI ARABIA (MAKKAH ): 0O966-5O974Z295, (JEDDAH): 00966-599658049, 00966-590603896, U.A.E: CSharJah): 00971-507871748, Q097I 6-S683827,00971-506289238, (DUBAI): 00971-5S4S10304, (AJMAN): OO971-S09923823, 0O971-567092O39, OMAN: 00968-996O4780, BAHRAIN: 00973-33065755, 0973-398333AI, 0O973-36S75605. 0O973-39I72801, 00973-36697435, KUWAIT: 00965-99995426, O0965-2471017I

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Office:  26,27, 1st Poor, Beverly Center, Blue Area, Islamabad. Ph: 0092-51-2877371,

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House No. 734 B, Street No. B 5/1, Police Foundation Housing Scheme, PWD Main Double Road, Islamabad

Phone No. +92-51-5708806, E-mail:

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Al-Kamal International E-7 Islamabad

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