Hawksbay Housing Scheme 42 Karachi – Residential Plots for Sale

Hawksbay Housing Scheme 42 Karachi – Residential Plots for Sale

Hawksbay Housing Scheme 42 Karachi – Notified Land Areas

Controlled area            =  20,700 acres           (Government Notification 12-07-1984)
Development Area      =  11,450 acres           (Government Notification 02-08-1984)

Physical possession handed over by BOR to KDA (defunct) in Dec. 1985

11,450 acres Development  Area (Deh Lal Bakhar & Deh Moach)
Includes 3,985 acres allocations of KMC, KPT, Central BOR, Villages, etc.
Scheme was transferred from KDA (defunct) to LDA on 10-01-1996 by virtue of LDA Act-1993

Hawks bay Scheme 42 Karachi - Plot Booking in Housing Scheme Started

Hawksbay Housing Scheme No-42 comprising over an area of 20,900-acres was notified vide Gazette Notification dated 12-07-1984 (controlled area) and Gazette Notification dated 02-08-1984 (Development Area) by defunct-KDA for an area of 11450-acres (development area) comprising of Deh Lal Bakhar & Moach. Physical possession of State land was handed over to defunct-KDA by BOR. Afterward the scheme was transferred from defunct-KDA to LDA on   10-01-1996 by virtue of LDA Act-1993.

So far LDA & KDA (defunct) have planned approximately 54,000 residential plots of various sizes from 80 to 400 sq. yds. & allotted to general public by open ballot from 1990 to 2008. After all these effort, the Scheme remained dormant for more than 15 years for want of resources. However, in 2008, the scheme was re-activated and LDA generated funds to restart the physical development after balloting of 9000 residential plots (240 & 400 Sq-yard).

Development History

KDA planned the scheme comprising of 71-Blocks with residential plots of 80, 120, 240, 400 & 600 Sq-Yards beside commercial & amenity plots within development area

54,380 planned residential plots of various categories balloted to date except

600 Sq-Yard residential (to be auctioned)
Commercial plots (to be auctioned)
Amenity plots (to be disposed off as per policy)