ICHS Town – Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society

ICHS Town is located near New Islamabad International Airport. You will certainly agree that an ideal residence is one with standard planning like wide roads, open climates, clean atmosphere, proper arrangements of eduction and transport facility, commercial center, vast playing grounds, public library, mosque. Now all these things are a dreams no more because all those amenities are being provided at a lowest price in the ICHS Town.

ICHS Town - Islamabad Co-operative Housing Society - Location Map

It is the best and the safest investment for Pakistanis and Overseas. Spirit to serve and deliver to the members on mutual co-operation is the foundation stones of the Islamabad Co-Operative Housing Society.

The location of the scheme is very important keeping is view the pleasant, beautiful environments of Islamabad-Rawalpindi and it’s surrounding valleys of Murree and Abbottabad etc.