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Lahore: 5 Day International Forum on Urbanization (March 1-5, 2011)

Lahore (March 1 to 5, 2011)

Rapid urbanization in Pakistan has created unprecedented urban issues and problems, which affect the economic, political and cultural factors in all urban areas of the Country.  Keeping  in the view the extent of this physical growth and resulting Challenges along with the need to manage urbanization, the Government of the Punjab is planning to organize “Pakistan Urban Forum” in 2011, inviting professionals, policy makers, practitioners and academics from within and outside the country.
The goal of this Forum is to highlight the challenges of urbanization and discuss and propose policy & strategic options towards improved decision making and a better urban future. Although the Forum is being organized by the Government of the Punjab
Focus is national, since integrated and harmonious development of all urban areas in the Country is our key objective.
The Pakistan Urban Forum 2011 has been designed to include discussions, guest lectures, launch events and exhibition in addition to technical papers’ presentations.
The theme of the first Pakistan Urban Forum 2011 is “Managed Urbanization: The Road to National Development.” This theme has been further classified into the following six topics:

1.  Urban Governance
2.  Urban Services
3.  Urban Growth and Development
4.  Urban Economy
5.  Urban Living
6.  Urban Environment

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