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Lahore – GOR-I housing policy Few retired officers suspect disparity

LAHORE (June 24, 2011 ): Delay in getting the official residences vacated from retired DMG officers or those serving outside Punjab in GOR-I is creating doubts among police officers about transparency of the policy under which the provincial government has decided to cancel all unauthorised allotments there.
Those related to the allotment and its cancellation of official residences, however, say there is no discrimination and all those who are not allowed in the latest housing policy to reside in the GORs will have to leave.
According to some of the aggrieved retired police officers, former top bureaucrats Ismail Qureshi and G.M. Sikandar had not vacated their residences though documents showed they had done so. Such paper possession (a claim by the government to retrieve the residences) was illegal and a fraud according to the law of the land, they said.
They claimed that two other retired bureaucrats, Safdar Javaid Syed and Ziaur Rehman, were allowed to move applications citing legal questions to justify that they were eligible to retain the residences in GOR-I. Their applications had been moved to the law department on the pretext of seeking legal opinion but the move was geared towards delaying the eviction of these two former officials, the aggrieved ones alleged.
They said serving DMG officials were giving no such allowance to the retired police officials, forcing them to vacate their resi dences without any delay. Former Lahore CCPO Pervaiz Rathore was being forced to immediately vacate his residence. Even the police and a magistrate had been repeatedly knocking on his doors to make him obey the orders.
They said former IGP Tariq Saleem Dogar who is now a member of the Punjab Public Service Commission was not allowed to retain official residence in GORI in the contract signed for his new appointment. This was in contrast to the permission of retaining official residences to all the existing PPSC members including those DMG officials who were appointed as such a few months ago.
Mr Dogar said it was discrimination against the police and that “documents speak out the truth.” A senior official of the provincial government’s estate department said there was no discrimination against anyone. All those occupying residences in all official colonies would have to leave.
He said Mr G.M. Sikandar was the first one who had volunteered to vacate his residence after the cancellation of his allotment along with other retired bureaucrats. He was shifting his effects and had been given a grace period for the purpose.
Similarly, he said, Mr Ismail Qureshi had also been served with a vacation notice.
He said Safdar Javaid Syed and Ziaur Rehman had raised some legal questions about the cancellation of their allotments and the government was checking legality of their applications.

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