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Lahore Grand Bazar -Location Map

Lahore Grand Bazar -Location Map

Introduction of Project
It is a well-made and well-groomed Wholesale business in Lahore which you will be able to sell your Items easily. It is also a golden period for the investors of this project because China is also taking interest in this Project. Thus this project will become one the magnificent in the upcoming days of its completion.
By, “Asim Mahmood Associates”.
Construction still on its way of completion.

300’ ft. Front Facing:- It gives a strong impression of the business man as, Emerson says , “Think big”. This allows you to have a power play in the business industry.

50’ ft. Wide Roads:- These 50’ ft. wide roads will allow you to have a non-stop business while avoiding the hustle and bustle of Traffic and any inconvenience.

Day and Night Transportation Facility:- No matter if it is day or night but when you have a Facility that is online 24/7 then all of your business is running without any delay or dependence of the time.

Very Close to Eastern and Sialkot Motorway Bypass:- This will allow you to have a wider access to different places without any difficulty or any kind of inconvenience.   

Sui Gas & Electricity Available:- Sui gas and electricity is also present in which you will be able to do business without dependent on the WAPDA but because of the back-up generators your Business will shoot.

Metro Bus Access:- Metro bus access is also present which will allow you to have an easy transportation with an ease in an air-conditioned environment.

24/7 Security:- Security is must in a business therefore, Lahore Grand Bazar is providing you with the 24/7 security which will give you a insurance that all of your important documents, item or anything in your possession remains safe.

Fire Alarm:- Fire Alarm is also present for the security in which further security is provided for your possession in which you will have an Alarm that will notify you during any of fire situations.

Generator Backup:- Back-up generators are present in order to give you a better experience of business, there are back-up heavy duty generators which provide you with the 24/7 electricity production.

Location plan:- Kala Khatie Narang Mandi Road, Lahore, Punjab.

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