LDA City Housing Scheme Lahore (Proposed)

Introduction of the LDA City Housing Scheme Lahore

Population  of  Lahore  is  growing  at  a  fast  pace;  every  year,  more  than 300,000 residents are added to its population and its population is expected to reach 13 million by the year 2021. The provision of civic facilities to such a huge population is a gigantic task, but LDA is committed to serve  this population with the same vigor as it has  been  doing  in  the  past.  LDA,  to  move  a  step  towards  this  goal,  has  planned  a housing scheme named “LDA City”.

LDA Lahore LogoLDA City housing scheme will be launched on the basis of land sharing methodology between land owners and LDA. The scheme will be largest of the province, designed on the state-of-the-art urban development model, making provision for  housing  units  of  all  categories  expecting  to  attract  residents  from  all  strata  of  life, high rise buildings and modern commercial centers aiming to give a boost to the city’s economic life. The scheme will bring out a fresh and developed face of city providing healthy lifestyle to its residents at affordable costs.

Location of Scheme

LDA City Lahore Logo

LDA City Lahore Logo

This housing scheme is located at main Ferozpur road with its entrance along the Butcher Khana Canal just 1.5 Kms from the terminal station of Metro Bus Service.

scheme is located along the southern arc of the Lahore Ring Road. The scheme is spread over following seven mouzas:-






Thay  Panju,

Toor  Warriach  &


Scheme is bounded by:-

1-     Defence Road / Hudyara Drain, in North

2-     500 meters along with butcher khana Canal, in South

3-     Ferozpur road, in East

4-     Lahore – Karachi Railway line, in West

Current Status of Scheme

The soil investigations and topographic survey of  the scheme are complete. The notification under section 4 of land acquisition act 1894  has been issued.

Area of Scheme

Housing Scheme  comprises  about  45,000  Kanals  and  is  likely  to  provide  housing facilities to approximately 40,000 families.

Scope of Assignment and Methodology

LDA has decided to launch this scheme on the basis of land sharing arrangement between the land owners and the LDA, and enlist investors / development partners / agents / licensee (hereinafter called Development Partners) to purchase land from the owners on behalf of LDA. Under this arrangement, the development partners shall purchase the land from the land owners and get it mutated in favour of LDA, in lieu of  which,  developed  plots  to  the  extent  of  31%  of  the  transferred  land  shall  be           exempted, out of which 30% shall be the share of the land owner and 1%, the share of Development Partners for the services rendered by him.

Housing scheme  has  been  divided  into  07  zones  for  the  purpose  of  purchase  /  transfer  of  land,  each  comprising  approximately  5,000-8,000  kanals.  The  size  of  the zones is however tentative and it shall be finalized prior to the award of contract to any    Development   Partner. LDA,hereby   invites application   from   individuals   /   firms   /           registered companies / joint ventures for enlistment of Development Partners for these           aforementioned zones.