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LDA City Lahore Planning Project – 24 Firms Will Compete

LDA City Planning Project – 24 Firms Will Compete

Ravi River Front Housing and Commercial Scheme
Lahore (Daily Dawn / Published on Oct 7, 2013 – Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has initiated selecting suitable engineering firms to plan and design the city’s largest residential scheme, the LDA City on Ferozepur Road, a senior LDA official told Dawn on Sunday.

The LDA directorates have received expression of interests from 24 firms, including NESPAK.

LDA City Lahore Logo
LDA City Lahore Logo

Six development partners, including Paragon City and the Central Park (Lahore), have already been on the shortlist and tasked with acquiring 45,000 kanals and handing it over to the LDA through the requisite sale deeds. According to the contracts signed between the LDA and the partners, the firms will be liable to buy the land on their own and handover it to the LDA. In return, the LDA will give them 30 per cent of the developed plots of the land they surrendered and one per cent commission of the land price fixed by the LDA authorities.

Location Map of LDA City Housing Scheme Lahore

Location Map LDA City Lahore
Location Map LDA City Lahore
Location Plan LDA City Lahore
Location Plan LDA City Lahore

“The process to evaluate planning and designing consultants is likely to be done before Eidul Azha (Oct 16),” the official said.

“The scrutiny committee will select seven firms that will be asked to submit their conceptual and zoning plans. The LDA directorates will evaluate these firms’ plans,” he said.

The official, who preferred anonymity, said engineering experts would select three out of the seven firms on the shortlist on the basis of their plans.

The three firms would sign agreements with the LDA to start planning and designing of the scheme. He said the entire process, selection of development partners, planners and designers, acquisition of land, planning/designing, topographic and land surveys and development of the scheme would be supervised and monitored by the metropolitan planning, town planning and engineering wings of the LDA and the urban unit, a subsidiary of the Planning and Development (P&D) Department.

About the land acquisition, the official said initially the LDA had planned to perform such a major task on its own. Later, the idea was dropped because of complex problems of land purchase, shares of developed plots, transfer of land to the LDA and ensuing litigation.

“A high-level committee of the LDA decided to acquire the land through development partners on the patterns of the DHA working,” the official added.

He said the partners on the shortlist had also submitted a performance security bond worth Rs500 million to the LDA only to see the performance of the applicants.

“If it finds any of the partners violating official policies and guidelines, the LDA will forfeit the bond,” he said.

About River Ravi front scheme, the official said the LDA had started work to declare controlled area it wanted to include in the scheme at River Ravi bank.

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