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LDA Public Alert – Instruction for Developers of Housing Societies and Towns

LDA Public Alert – Instruction for Developers of Housing Societies and Towns

Public Announcement,
Beware, Beware….

LDA Instructions for Developers of Housing Societies and Towns
LDA Instructions for Developers of Housing Societies and Towns

Citizens and especially the of Buyers of plots of residential schemes are being Fore Warn that only Lahore Development Authority(LDA) is the only responsible authority to give the permission within the Lahore in all four Divisions, Lahore, Kasur, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib of Private Residential schemes, Land Sub-division and Forum housing schemes.
By the Rule of Punjab Housing schemes Rule 2014 Private Residential schemes and Land sub-division’s etc, Sponsors are not allowed to give Notice of any residential scheme’s Plan before taking a regular permission from Lahore Development Authority. Even after taking the permission of Residential Scheme/Land Sub division/Forum Housing scheme, Sponsor without taking NOC (No Objection certificate) from Lahore development authority can’t give notice without permission.
Some of the Private Residential Schemes’ owners, do publicity through Electronic And Print media without taking permission from Land Development Authority (LDA).This is totally Disobedience of the Law.

The Notice of the Private residential Schemes should have the following information.

1:- The name of the authority that has given permission, the date and layout Number without Permission
2:- Total Number of Commercial and residential plots.
3:- Number of Mortgaged Plots with explanation, i.e. Plot Number, Block Number and Area etc.
4:-Development Works For example Roads and including Sewerage system and the duration of other convenience.
5:- Total area of the scheme with Location Plan.
6:- The Plan of Plots Allotment, Lottery will be held or not and the explanation of the plot for sale.
7:- The publication from the LDA, agreeable NOC Number and Date.

All Marketing Companies are being Fore Warn that before making loss of the Citizen, before starting Market publication, take permission/NOC from LDA and verify the Law ordinance of your Schemes.
All the Advertising Agencies are requested that before checking NOC given from Lahore Development Authority, don’t do Publicity on Print as well as electronic Media. In case of not following the Rules, LDA can take Action against those Marketing Advertising agency.

LDA is getting complaints only against some Private Residential Schemes about the loss and Glom of money. By the Law of Wiremen Smart Bosch should be Beware before purchasing ,it is the citizens’ duty to check get detailed Information of the Authenticity of Plot/Plots.
For the Sake of the interest of the Sponsors, they are also Fore Warn that without permission stop the Marketing and Development Immediately and to get the Legal permission of these schemes contact the Metropolitan Wing.

Chief Metropolitan Planner
Lahore development authority

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