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Lifestyle Residency Islamabad – Application Form

Life Style Residency Apartments G-15 Islamabad: Application Form for General Public

Lifestyle residency apartments Islamabad - Application Form (General Public) -1
Lifestyle residency apartments Islamabad - Application Form (General Public) -2
Lifestyle residency apartments Islamabad - Application Form Deposit Slips (General Public)

Eligibility/Non-Eligibility Criteria for F.G Employees

  • This scheme is offered to those Federal Government employees (BPS 1-22) who have registered under the membership drive and submit option forms for the same.
  • Those federal government employees who own a plot, house or apartment in their name or in the name of their spouse / dependent children which was allotted by CDA, Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) or by Pakistan Housing Authority anywhere in Pakistan, whether retained or disposed off, shall not be eligible.
  • Allottees will be entitled to only one housing unit under PM Housing Program located anywhere in the country.
  • The officers/ officials who have been dismissed from the Government Service on disciplinary grounds or given a major penalty are not eligible
  • Officers/officials who have resigned or were retired without terminal benefits are not eligible
  • Contract/ adhoc employees and work charged employees are not eligible

Right of Transfer / Resale
The allottee shall has the right of resale of the apartment which he / she can exercise only when:

  1. He / she has paid 25% of the apartment price as per the contract for sale.
  2. Upon full payment of all outstanding dues payable under the contract till the date of receipt of written request from the applicant.
  3. Upon issuance of NOC by the FGEHF
  4. Transfer fee from all allottees
    1. Type A : Rs. 125,000
    2. Type B : Rs. 89,000
    3. Type C : Rs. 68,000
    4. Type D : Rs. 50,000
    5. Type E : Rs. 28,000
  5. For same day transfer a charge of Rs.15,000 will be applicable
  6. Transfer on normal time can take 10 to 15 days

Cancellation Policy

  1. In case the successful applicant after issuance of provisional allotment letter does not raise the down payment up to 10% of the apartment price within the given time, the allotment shall stand cancelled and amount deposited with application shall be forfeited.
  2. The allottee at any stage can opt for cancellation of his/her allotment subject to deduction of cancellation charges. Further, allotment will be cancelled in case of non-payment of two consecutive installments in case of quarterly installment payments and three consecutive installments in case of monthly installment payments. In such cases penalty/cancellation charges shall be imposed and balance payment, if any, will be refunded. EHFPRO shall have the right to either retain or dispose off the said property as it deems appropriate. Cancellation charges in all cases shall be 10% of apartment price

Refund Policy

  1. Refund to unsuccessful applicants in shape of Pay order/Demand Draft will be released within 01 month from the date of closure of the scheme through same branch where the application was deposited. However, they will have to surrender “Application Copy” and all Original Depository Slip at the time of refund.

Amount Escalation Policy

  1. EHFPRO will bear escalation Up to 10%, beyond this, all difference will be charged to the customer and will be born / binding.


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