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Luxury family suites in Islamabad for MPs will get Rs. 1 billion

Luxury suites in Islamabad for MPs will get Rs. 1 billion
ISLAMABAD (Sunday, June 12, 2011) : While Pakistan is plagued with the worst ever financial crisis, the federal budget, currently being debated in the parliament, has allocated one billion rupees for construction of luxury family suites for the MPs in Islamabad.

Another 106 family suites are being built at a cost of Rs 2.908b, which are part of the parliamentary lodges that are allotted to the MPs on nominal rental despite their ideal location. This year, Rs1b has been earmarked for their construction.
Apart from this considerable allocation, another sum of Rs112.3m has been allocated for different projects related to the Parliament building and the under construction residence of the National Assembly Speaker, budget documents show.
An amount of Rs75.23m has been spared for security arrangements at the Parliament building; another Rs18m for air-conditioning facilities by providing additional installation for split and package type units; installation of alarm system and provision of CCTV system and procurement of spares for lifts in this premises.
Similarly, Rs17.5m has been earmarked for up gradation and renovation of public address, simultaneous interpretation and automatic vote casting system and installation of professional CCTV system at the Senate hall.
Thus, more than half of the Rs2.082b budget provided to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) will go to the constructing of the MPs family suites and provision of different facilities at the parliament building.
The CDA, which used to be a very rich government organization having massive reserves, is now a pauper and at times faces the problem of even paying salaries to its employees.
The PSDP shows that the CDA would be unable to undertake any major development project during the fiscal 2011-12. Besides from Rs1b for the family suites and Rs112m for the parliament building, the largest allocation under the PSDP is Rs300m, which is meant for addition of third and fourth lanes to the existing Kashmir Highway from Peshawar More to Golra More, which will link the new under construction airport near Fateh jang with Islamabad.
Similarly, Rs300m has also been spared for construction of Charah Dam.
The second largest allocation is Rs200m, which is for construction of second hanger (pre-engineering steel structure) at Heliport Islamabad. An amount of Rs14.113m has been allotted for the replacement of carpet in the main prayer hall of Faisal Mosque.
According to the budget documents, an amount of Rs45.271m has been kept aside for establishment of Pak-China centre in Islamabad.

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