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MDA Demolished Gates and Walls of Wapda Town Phase 3 Multan

MDA Demolished Gates and Walls of Wapda Town Phase 3 Multan

Multan (Thursday, April 14, 2016 – After long delay at-last Multan Development Authority has taken action against illegal WAPDA Town Phase-3 housing scheme. MDA town planning and land control branch has destroyed the gates and walls constructed at Mattital Road and Khenewal Road Multan. This was long awaited as WAPDA employees cooperative housing society has still not applied fro the approval of WAPDA Town Phase-III. While sale of plot was continue without approval of MDA. WAPDA housing Society’s Secretary Mr. Saeed Ahmad Khan is also under the custody of NAB since last month of March 2016 under the allegation of corruption. The said action was taken on one week ago on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

This was big action of MDA after a long period.

Plots Files Sale/Purchase Suspended

Now sale and purchase of files in WAPDA Town Phase III are being done. We confirmed from WAPDA EMPLOYEES CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY LTD Multan’s Office Phone No: 061-6220533.

MDA Demolished Gate and Walls of Wapda Town Phase 3 Multan
MDA Demolished Gate and Walls of Wapda Town Phase 3 Multan

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  1. I’ve read a report that phase 3 have purchased only 6000 kanals. They need to purchase 5000 kanals to provide for 12000 residential plots & 3400 commercial files.
    Why don’t they convert 2500 commercial files into 7 Marla residential files & thereby will only need to purchase about 2000/2500 kanals, which is more feasible…?

  2. How can you get refund if you did not buy direct from wapda?
    Have the new committee members discussed with nab?
    Why is the new management committee not issuing news?

  3. what will happen to the people who have bought files on full payment in wapda phase-3. Can they get their original amount. Have someone any information about whom to contact to get back their money or to get plot?

  4. we the wapda employee will contact with naib for claim or not

  5. Waqas,

    I have heard things are back to normal in phases 1 & 2. So, I’m hoping things will begin to progress in phase 3 soon, insh’Allah.

  6. Wahid bro Any update regarding controvercy among wapda, mda and naib

  7. I bought a plot in WAPDA Phase 3, what will happen about that plot??

  8. Nope. No news. However, there is now electricity in FJT. Congratulations to all the allottees of FJT.

  9. any updated regarding this issue

  10. How can a common man know when this issue will resolve.

    So many people bought plots in fjt with great financial difficulty and with such high expectations.

    Doea anyone in Multan or even in Pakistant care about these common people???

    Even the people who now sit in position of authority, come from common background. But now they have forgotten or are trying to forget their common background. very sad!

  11. asad and wahid bro, what do you assess that when the issue will resolve,, because phase 3 is already too late.. i think now its a time the wind up every thing with in no time limit….

  12. we all are together to demonstrate the failure of MDA…..
    this kind of black mailing must be end…

  13. Thank you for the news of fjt. This is the first step giving deadline. The next step must be to demonstrate outside mda & demand resignation for failure.

  14. This is main reason behind demolishing of gates, MDA blackmailing MEPCO/Wapda to provide Free Electricity to Fatima Jinnah Town. Upon refusal they demolished their Gates.

  15. I believe defense is also not registered.

    MDA require electricity in Fatima Jinnah town. Wapda require payment for electricity to be supplied to Fatima Jinnah town. Mr shahbaz Sharif taken money from MDA that was for wapda to Lahore. Now MDA have no money to pay wapda.

    Saeed Ahmad Khan in custody of nab without any evidence.

    The future of wapda is to protest outside MDA & NAB.

  16. i asked from admin about the future of wapda town phase 3, because now a days wapda town management and MDA are in a state of encounter.. phase 3 is not registered.. secretary wapda town and record is under custody of naib.. MDA demolished walls and gates of wapda town phase 3 multan.. in this scenerio, can any one tell me the future of wapda town phase 3 multan..

  17. MDA has been aware of wapda town phase 3 since the launching of this colony. So, why act now? Isn’t too late? So many people have invested their life savings here for a better future.

    Defense & wapda phase 3 are still acquiring land. Therefore, neither have been approved by MDA. The only way to gain approval would be to submit a plan. And, a plan can’t be created whilst land purchasing is on going.

  18. What would be the future of wapda town phase 3 multan

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