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Murree Oaks Hotel Services Apartments, Beside Pindi Point, Murree

Murree Oaks Hotel Services Apartments, Beside Pindi Point, Murree
On the Prime Location of Murree

MURREE OAKS Hotel Services and Apartments is Launching a Project In Murree. Murree is a mountain resort town, located in the Galyat region of the Pir Panjal Range, within the Rawalpindi District of Punjab, Pakistan. In which you will get highly sophisticated Apartments in a relatively Low Price.


Fool Proof Security:- We offer you a fool proof security in which you will live a very peaceful and luxurious life without the worry of outside because we are here to worry about your security. We Offer you 24/7 security in which you will be able to live a Calm life and have the security of your loved ones. We all have Live all our lives to Protect and give shelter to ourselves and our loved ones but what if we say that we are going to provide you all the security and Shelter you Need within an affordable Price. We have CCTV cameras 24/7 on duty in which we will be able to monitor all the Suspicious activities. To give you the all the protection that you require.

Murree Oaks Hotel Services Apartments Beside Pindi Point. - Location Map
Murree Oaks Hotel Services Apartments Beside Pindi Point. – Location Map

Project’s Own Super Store:-Our Project has our own super store in which you will be able to have the all the item that you need. Super Stores are very large supermarkets or Shops selling household goods and equipment. In this way, you will be able to have all the necessary item easily and quickly without wasting time in visiting different shops.

With all the Facility of Electricity, Gas, Water and all Residential Facilities:- Today, Government isn’t able to provide us electricity, gas or Water needs but now we have come up with the solution that we have reservoirs in which we will be able to give you all the Luxury facility which will help you in living your life luxuriously.

Gated Community:– To cope up with the privacy Problem, We have made Gated Community in which we will be able to provide you all the Privacy you need. This will also help you to have a better Security.

Spacious Parking:- We are here Providing you a Spacious Parking in which you will be able to park your vehicles in a safe and broad area. This will guarantee the safety as well as the luxury of your Vehicles. I n this way, you will have a secured and Regulated car Parking.

Smart Power Management:- We have heavy duty Back-up generator which will ensure that your Life keep on running smoothly. In case of short fall of Electricity our Back-up generator will produce electricity and provide you with the Electricity.

Kids Play Area:- To keep our little ones working and keep smiling we have made a Play area in which our Little ones will be able to play and learn on their own. We will Place a staff monitoring them with the Professionally like Mother.

Roof Top Restaurants:- We are offering you all Roof Top restaurants to Foodies and The people in love with socializing. In this restaurant, we offer you the finest chefs of the worlds. So, this becomes a golden chance for the food lover to book your apartment in our Roof-Top Restaurants.

Separate Health Clubs for men and females:- Everyone wants to stay fit but in this busy life not many people can make this dream come true but now the worry is over as we have our own health and fitness Clubs with one of the best trainers which will ensure that you stay Fit both Mentally and physically.

Anti-Fire System:- We have Equipped Anti Fire System to Fight with the Fire Crisis. We have a trained Staff of Anti Fire system which will make sure that you don’t fall prey to fire as all of the staff of anti-fire system has passed through hundred of drills and Years of Fire fighting experience.

High Speed Lifts:- In this era of speed we are here to provide you high speed lifts which will ensure that your value able time doesn’t get wasted in Slow Speed Lifts.

Payment Plan:-
Only on PKR 25 Thousand per Month Installment.

For Booking and Details

0333 85 009 52
0320 17 111 17
021 35899976 8
Head Office
Office# 1, 3rd Floor, 74W Blue Area, Islamabad

Marketed by:- Udaan Marketing(Pvt) Ltd. –
A Project of :- Al Qamar a Group of Hotels Murree.

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