Naya Nazimabad Housing project launched in Karachi

Naya Nazimabad Residential Housing project launched in Karachi

KARACHI (Saturday, November 19, 2011) : A housing project by the name of `NayaNazimabad’ was launched here on Saturday.
A statement said that this is a project of Javedan Corporation Limited and has been sponsored by a consortium comprising Arif Habib, AKD and Ghani Osman Hum Group.

Naya Nazimabad Housing Karachi (Detail), Master Plan

Naya Nazimabad Housing Karachi – Location Plan

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New Housing Project in Karachi - Naya Nazimabad

It said that `Naya Nazimabad‘ is a residential project that has been specially planned for the progressive middle income group and itoffers residential units, along with a wide range of amenities i.e.schools, colleges and university, hospitals and clinics, parks and shopping malls, etc.
The project spans across a vast area and is located close toNorth Nazimabad.
Arif Habib, Chairman, Arif Habib Group said that the main purpose behind this project is primarily to respond to the need for what safe, affordable and convenient housing for the progressive middle income group.
`Our vision is to create a model city that is based on social convenience, innovation, better living standards and a peaceful life’, he maintained.
The project has its own water reservoir and electricity supply arrangements, it was further pointed out.
Talking about the project, Aqeel Karim Dhedi, Chairman, AKD Securities, maintained that such housing projects were very much needed in Karachi. (APP)