PAEC Employees Housing Society Islamabad Scandal

PAEC Employees Housing Scheme Islamabad Scandal

Islamabad (Daily Express Lahore / Monday, February 24, 2014) – Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) employees cooperative housing society Islamabad has given possession of plots to their allotties yet.

This news report has been published in daily express Lahore on Mon, 24/2/2014.

PAEC-ECHS Housing Scheme Rawat Rawalpindi-Islamabad Location Map

PAEC-ECHS Housing Scheme Rawat Rawalpindi-Islamabad Location Map

PAEC Housing Scheme Scandel Islamabad

Attomic energy commission employees co-operative housing society Islamabad (PAEC-ECHS) Mega Scam Islamabad

Attomic energy commission employees co-operative housing society Islamabad (PAEC-ECHS) Mega Scam Islamabad

Daily English “TheNews” Lahore Report Dated 11-05-2013 – Housing society scam report submitted to IHC

Islamabad (TheNews Lahore News Report) – The inquiry held on the order of Justice Shaukat Siddiqui of Islamabad High Court (IHC) into “allegations of corruption against Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees Cooperative Housing Society” has recommended recovery of over Rs2.3 billion from the society under Section 50-A of Cooperative Societies Act 1925.
The inquiry was ordered on a petition by Fazal Hussain, a former member of the society, regarding alleged misappropriation of funds in PAEC-ECHS projects, mostly in Chattar.

According to the report submitted to the IHC on May 7, Assistant Commissioner (City) Muhammad Ali, the inquiry officer, recommended initiating four separate recovery suits which included proceedings against the former management committee (MC) of PAECECHS, headed by Chaudhry Muhammad Basharat and comprising Bashir Malik, Fazal Muhammad, Shabbir Ahmed.

It recommended recovery of over Rs975 million from the developers M/s New Era Constructions and M/s Shahroz Valley. It asked for initiation of recovery proceedings of over Rs1.37 billion against the current management committee, the two developers and members who managed to get refunds for their files in Chattar in dubious ways. It also called for initiation of proceeding against M Fayyaz, Shabbir Ahmed, M Nasir Hayat Butt, MN Qazi, Iqbal Shamim, Wajid Ali Bag, Amanullah Patwari, Mr Akram, Mirza Naseem-ul-Haq, Ch M Nawaz, Ch M Akram, Babar Majeed, Khalid Mahmood, Tahir Iqbal and M/s Orange Communication who was the contractor involved in getting cheques of temporary advances and cash.

The report asked for attaching their assets because they are found involved in criminal misappropriation and also placing of their names on Exit Control List (ECL) till the disposal of recovery proceedings against them.

The report recommends appointment of an administrator to hold fresh elections of the management committee so that its existing members are removed forthwith as they “failed to satisfactorily reply to the show-cause notice and is found guilty of criminal misappropriation of society’s funds.” It said all members of the management committee from 2005 shall remain disqualified as they stand “jointly and severely liable for misappropriation” under the Act.

The report sought cancellation of out of quota allotments by the current MC in Rawat Extension after March 2011 and recommended new transparent balloting.
It calls for cancellation of latest agreement executed with M/s Sutraplex Private Limited to the tune of Rs3.15 billion in 2012 with immediate effect. It called for recovery of all payments for Luxury Apartments Scheme with M/s New Era as per law as execution of the project has stopped.

The report recommended special audit for exhaustive scrutiny of the record since 2005 adding that the auditor be mandated with the powers to pursue the record of cash payments, refund claims, merged files, fake files and bookings in Chattar made without orders.

This is hard-earned money of mostly low cadre employees of PAEC which was devoured with impunity and the hapless members wanted suo moto action from the chief justice of Pakistan (CJP).