Thursday , November 15 2018

Guidlines & Tips to Buy a House (New House)

a) Most important factor is the reputation of the developer or constructor. At present in Pakistani market, there are two types of developers/constructors. First, those which develop complete housing projects and the other type is which undertake small projects of one or two houses. b) Location of the project is also very important. It should have good accesses & should have a pleasant surrounding.

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Aashyana Housing Lahore Shifted

Government of Punjab has shifted its low income housing project in Lahore from Bhoi Aasal Near Raiwaind to ring road Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase 9 &10 Lahore. New Location is between DHA Phase 9 & 10 and State Life Housing Scheme Phase II. It is 4 kilometers away from General Hospital Ferozepur Lahore

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