Sunday , May 19 2019

Guidlines & Tips to Buy a House (Old House)

a) Price of an old house is relatively more because of the implicit price of the location. Its price is mainly governed by its location. b) The cost of construction continues to decrease with passing time. c) Be sure to ask for visit in daylight & in the evening d) Quality of construction can be observed from several areas e) First of all the paint should be seen. If the paint is new & fresh on an older house, then it should be looked closely because it may be used to conceal some defects in walls.

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DG MDA visits Fatima Jinnah Town Phase-II Multan

DG MDA visit Fatima Jinnah Town Phase-II - Order for Green Tomb Mosque

On Friday, February 4, 2011: Director General MDA Multan Syed Tasaduq Hussain Bukhari visits Fatima Jinnah Town Phase 2 Multan and orders to speed up on going development work of town. He also visits the Green tomb Masjid located on 17 Kassi Minar in phase-II and orders to not remove mosque till MDA built another mosque at suitable space.

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