PHA Kuri Road Housing Project Islamabad for Federal Officers

Pakistan Housing Authority is launching this scheme for the Officers of Federally Constituted Occupational Groups, Civilian Officers of IB, ISI, Supreme Court, National Assembly and Senate (BPS 20- 22) at Kurri Road, Zone IV, Islamabad.

Total Plots = 620

Category III (30″ x 60″) = 300 plots

Category II (40″ x 80″) = 200 plots

Category II (50″ x 90″) = 120 plots

Residentional 44.11% Completed
Parks/ Open Space 19.20% Completed
Roads 26.37% Comleted
Graveyard 2.00% Completed
Commercial Building & Parking 3.84% Comleted
Public Building 4.48% Comleted
Total 100 %

Location Map - PHA Kuri Road Islamabad Housing Project

Development will be carried out in accordance with the by-laws and Zoning Regulations oF Capital Development Authority. The proposed modern housing scheme will contain all civic amenities required For a modern community living by providing reasonable open spaces and green patches to ensure a green habitat conducive to our environment conditions.

Master Plan - PHA Kuri Road Islamabad Housing Project

The EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) oFthe site will be done as per section 12 oF34th Act OF1997 (PEPA 97). The inFrastructure services i.e. water supply, sewerage / drainage, roads network, electricity, gas etc. will be connected to the main grids oF Islamabad city, in accordance with Capital Development Authority’s (CDA’s) development programme.
Prime Minister oF Pakistan approved to provide the housing unit on the lines oF the Pakistan Army welFare directorate scheme For the officers oF Federally Constituted Occupational groups (BPS 20 – 22).

Pakistan Housing Authority, a subsidiary oF Ministry oF Housing £ Works, was to undertake construction oFhigh quality housing units at affordable prices. It is For the first time ever that the Government oF Pakistan has engaged itself in actual construction of affordable housing.
PHA has been tasked to undertake Housing scheme For the officers oF Federally Constituted Occupational Groups, Civilian officers oFlSI. IB, National Assembly, Senate Secretariat and Supreme Court of Pakistan.