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Public Alert – LDA Check List for Sal/Purchase of Plots and Houses in Private Housing Schemes

Public Alert – LDA Check List for Sal/Purchase of Plots and Houses in Private Housing Schemes Lahore, Nankana Sahab, Kasur and Shaikhupura Districts

Public Notice
Important Cautions for Buyer of Plots and Houses in Private Residential Schemes

1: Don’t be amazed of the Private Residential Scheme by their beautiful publicity, well-decorated Booking offices but Permission of the Scheme, Payment Plan and study every other detail before buying any plot.
2: Before booking of the plot check the location by yourself and make sure from the Records of the Mehekma-e-Maal that the related housing scheme has owner ship of that place.
3: Many a times, there is not mentioned, the worth of construction. Before, making any kind of agreement check the written form of these details
4: Check the grant permit of Electricity, Gas, Tele-Phone, and Sewerage.
5: Check the features present on the advertisement such as Schools, Mosques, Parks, Hospitals, etc not just on the Map but also make a visit by you, because many a times the features listed on the advertisement are not present, on place but the places present for those features are sold in the name of plots, other thing is that those residential scheme is distant from City or Market.
6: Check that in how much time those constructions work will be completed? And in how much time the hold of land will be given? Or in giving the hold of the land any additional fees will be taken?
7: In addition to the fees told in scheme any other hidden charge or charges, fees will be applied or not.
8: The payment will be done by banking draft or by Pay order. Take the stamped paper of transactions and keep that paper in safe place. Save the Company or society’s Owners’ address, Phone Number and E mail address.
Check List:
Before buying the Private Residential Scheme’s Plot/house, check the following Documents.
Grant Permit of the approved location/scheme plan by Authorize Authority.
2: Total Number of Plots in the Scheme and different categories/area plots numbers separately.
3: 20% residential plots’ numbers and blocks’ list
4: Is the buyer’s chosen plot falls in the Schemes approved area?
5: Is the plot chosen by the buyer not residential to LDA?
6: Check if the Plots are present on specified area present for the Parks, Mosques, schools, dispensaries, Community Centre or graveyard etc or any of such place given to buyers.
7: Check strictly if the housing scheme is not under any case of NAB or Court.

For more Information and Guidance or any complaint contact the Directors:

Muzamil Istiaq: Director Metropolitan Planning-1 (for District Lahore Zone-1, Thokar Niaz Baig, Chong, Mohlanwal, UBD kenal, Manawan, Three Road, Surdur, Raiwind Road, Manga Road, Bahria Town etc)
Phone Numbers: 042-99262317, 0322-8888247

Tariq Mahmood:
Director Metropolitan Planning 2 ( For District Lahore Zone-2, Feroz pur Road, Defense Road, Barqi Road, Su-e-Asal Road, Raiwind Road, Bahria Town etc District Qusur)
Phone Numbers: 042-99262392, 0322-8888497

Muhammad Iftekhar: Director Metropolitan Planning-3 (For district Sheikhupura and District Nankana)
Phone Numbers: 042-99262380, 0322-8888074

Shahbaz ul Haq Ghurqi: Director Estate management (Private Housing Schemes) To affirm residential plots and Public Interest etc
Phone Numbers: 042-99262328, 0322-8888241

for information about Private Housing Schemes contact the LDA’s one Window counter number 22 from 8 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. or visit the LDA’s website

By means of this notice all the sponsors of the Private Schemes are for-warn that before investing in these scheme, make a contact with the related directors and check the master plan of LDA So that one could be save from the later problem and Court cases. By means of this notice, this is a for-warn that they should close all the illegal schemes and before advertising of these scheme take permission from the eligible authority otherwise they will be sued in Court.

Shakeel Anjum Minhaas

Chief Metropolitan Planner
Lahore Development Authority LDA
467-D-II Main Bilward Muhammad Ali Johar Town,Lahore.
Phone Number:

LDA Lahore Check List for Sale Purchase of Plots
LDA Lahore Check List for Sale Purchase of Plots

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