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Rawalpindi: Experts Call for Extensive Housing Policy

(Saturday, January 08, 2011)
RAWALPINDI: With the rapid trend of urbanization, the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are expanding and there is dire need to take effective steps to overcome the greatest residential problems which is increasing with every passing day.
The capital city and its adjoining Rawalpindi is on the top of list as far as the accommodation problem is concerned. Though there are several private housing schemes in twin cities, yet it seems not fulfilling the demand of houses.
It is a fact that Rawalpindi is greatly helping the capital to overcome the problem but still concerned authorities should ponder the problem and devise a comprehensive master plan to facilitate the construction of new houses.
Architectural experts are of the view that the basic reason of the supply and demand gap is due to change in administrative set up of the twin cities.
They said there is a dire need to formulate a comprehensive policy in order to meet the challenge.
A major reason cited by building experts for the growing disparity in resource allocation for Islamabad and Rawalpindi is the nature of governance and administrative set up in both the cities.
While the gap between resource allocation for both the cities continue to widen as the time passes, the demands of housing and other infrastructure has increased manifold.
The housing experts still believe that government should evolve a uniform housing policy to overcome the problem.

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