Royal Grace City & Fatima Jinnah Town Multan Satellite Map

Satellite Map of Royal Grace City & Fatima Jinnah Town Housing Schemes in Multan

Multan (Friday, October 5, 2012) – Multan city spreading as the size of population being increase day by day.

To cater the need of new housing units private and government housing schemes are being developed.

Along southern by-pass, a dual carriage highway of 16 Km long stretched between Bahawalpur Road and Khanewal road,  Many Housing Projects has been launched. Some of them are as under:

1- Fatima Jinnah Town (MDA Housing Scheme)

2- Nayab City Housing Scheme

3- Sayyam City Housing Scheme

4- Sayyam Officers City Housing Scheme

5- Fine City Housing Scheme

6- Icon Villas Housing Scheme

7- Royal Grace City Housing Scheme

8- Nayab Grace City Housing Scheme

9- Garden Citi Housing Scheme


10- Grace Garden Housing Scheme

Satellite Map Royal Grace City, Fatima Jinnah Town Multan

Royal Grace City Multan Satellite Map Bhudhla Road Southern bypass