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Sector E-12 Islamabad Allottees protest for Development & Possession

No Development, No possession since 1989 :  Sector E-12 Islamabad Allottees protest against CDA

ISLAMABAD (January 26, 2012) : Allottees of Sector E-12 Islamabad staged a protest demonstration on Thursday in front of the National Press Club to condemn the apathy and negligence of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for neither giving possession of acquired land to them, nor developing the sector since 1989.

Islamabad Master Plan - Location of Sector E-12

They lamented that several allottees had passed away during this period, waiting to get the possession of their plots.
They said that despite clear directives by the prime minister to hand over the possession of plots to the owners, the CDA had remained unmoved.
The CDA has opened many new sectors after E-12, like G-13, I-11, I-14 and I-16, which have already been developed.
Moreover, Sector D-12, which was started with Sector E-12, has also been developed.
Out of distress, the E-12 allottees demanded the CDA to immediately start developing the sector and hand over the possession of plots to them.
They also requested Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani to take notice of the CDA’s negligence on the issue, and asked the honourable chief justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of the issue on humanitarian grounds.

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  1. Send a note to CDA official in-charge to get this land vacated with a bullet in the envelop and a weeks date, either he should resign or get a bullet to his head. I will take care putting bullet in his head if he does not do his job.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I would like to share with you my feeling of owning a home in Islamabad and how it developed as a matter of inheritor.

    My father died in an accident at the age of 80, that too on one of Islamabad’s roads. Taking a trip down memory lane, I can still recall the day he received the allotment papers of a plot under the ‘Federal Government Employees Housing Scheme’ (FGEHS). The flashbacks of his expressions and excitement-filled voice portrayed security, peace of mind and hope of building a home of our own, that too with the halal income that he worked hard for after investing countless hours in the government office.

    Sir, I was a fifth grader then, a child who saw her father drawing and planning the map of a house with sheer excitement; the mere sight was so fascinating, that I even decided to take part in the planning and decided to paint my room pink.

    Yes, I remember!

    How naive children are?

    I am sure you would agree that, logically, the paint of that room would have faded by now and would have needed to be re-painted multiple times over a period of 30 years. But, amazingly enough, that never happened.

    Now let me enlighten you with the reason, Sir. With 30 years to its allotment, sector E-12 stands deserted and not a single stone is uprooted for the development of this piece of land. While we have seen faster development in the parallel sectors of E-11 and D-12 comparatively, I could not understand as why the concerned department of Capital Development Authority (CDA) had so much empathy and mercy with the allottees of the sectors other than E-12?

    I tried to look for all the logical reasons; maybe it’s possessed by a resident jinn (ghost) or unholy spirit or maybe the sacrifices of some allottees is required for purifying this piece of land, which otherwise remains beyond the discretion of CDA to take a sensible amount of time in paving the development of this sector.

    Sir, if we consider the people who were allotted under the FGEHS, with 60 to 65 years as an average life expectancy in Pakistan, I can say that 70% of the original allottees are dead by now, 30% of the people have managed to earn peanuts for their plots and have given up in the hands of the real estate agents, who are another cause of nuisance. Having experienced it myself, the threatening and haunting calls from these brokers were the cherry on top.

    “Sell or you will be charged with unbearable amount of penalty by authorities”

    “You need to sell to us, since this is better for you!”

    Luckily, we weren’t enchanted by the fake charms and claims of these brokers, and didn’t sell our plot, mostly because of what it meant to my father and how he wanted to build his dream home on this piece of land.

    Sir, I also tried to search for the shortcomings. There is a possibility that it has something to do with the allottees of E-12 sector, since unlike the allottees of sectors D-12 and E-11, our sector did not have secretaries and their nephews who were given preference and better service. It took me a while to understand the differences in their social status. Poor souls!

    I wish some secretaries were also allotted plots in our sector so we could have also witnessed fast development in our sector. Better yet, I wish Malik Riaz would take this land from CDA, so I could write him a letter of gratitude instead.

    As I am writing this letter, my mother is approaching her 80’s and is currently struggling with diabetes and partial blindness .The déjà vu of not being able to build this dream home haunts me every night as I feel her dream of having her own home might die with her. In that case, I have a better plan. Let’s convert sector E-12 into a sanctuary, dedicated to the allotted and their families. At least we can secure them death beds as I’m sure we’re also running out of space for sanctuaries in Islamabad. I really do understand the level of complexity city planners have to face now.

    Sir, building a home on the E-12 plot has now become my life’s mission, which I intend to complete while my mother is still with me. I do, however, leave the decision to you and hope for a miracle.

  3. dear mansoor, that auction was a failure, though some rumors of settlement with locals are afloat, by giving them plots in E-12.
    if any one knows about any further progress pl. share. would be appreciated by all.

  4. Hi I am also on the same boat as many of you guys are. I found from CDA website this balloting which happend in Oct 2013, not sure what is that mean. Also interested to find out updates. I will be keep chking here.

  5. Brothers & sisters,

    I am an overseas Pakistani and have written to Chairman CDA, Chief Justice and have requested under the freedom of Information act the status of development of the sector.

    Can i request people who are afectees of E-12 and know other people to respond to this thread with their details?

    Alternatively you can provide details here:

    I’ll follow this up with Wafaqi-Mohtasib as I am planning to raise a complaint against Chairman CDA for the negligence caused?



  7. Please CDA officials take some action for the development of e-12

  8. This is Land Mafia at its best. The land mafia owned and controlled by Behria Town’s Malik Riaz is paying off the entire CDA to block any work on sector E12. This injustice is so, that even the courts cannot do anything in this matter. 25 years have passed but nothing has been done. The entire Pakistan is moving to Islamabad and such shortage of houses and Malik Riaz is selling 1 Kenal plot for 65 Lacs and our govt is supporting the thugs. What injustice!

  9. This is serious negligence on the part of CDA. We all owners are waiting for more than 2 decades for the development of E-12 sector.We must start protest against this injustice. I think we should hire lawyer and must approach Supreme Court of Pakistan or Islamabad High Court. If we see track record of Mr. Zardari, we should’t hope anything positive. We are ready to contribute.



  10. Please join FB page “E-12 Islamabad Affectees Free our land”,let take organized action.I am outside Pakistan but those who are inside Pakistan might find a way out.My idea is to hire lawyer and take serious action.

  11. Dear All E12 Affected Fellows,

    I can not see any new movement on this blogg after July 2012 for Sector E12.
    I have checked on CDA development budget for financial year and found that for the first time they have allocated a small amount for our beloved sector E12. I dont know they are going to start development soon or not.Do write me any update about E12 and let us make a move to reach CDA Chairman like Kurry Road people did to get the possession of plots.


    I hold the plot in E-12 and after reading all comments from effectees . it would be better to approach supreme court instead this corrupt government will win election for the next term .Didnot we see aprt from supreme court decision gillani son has win election


  13. you cannot get anything as you are all dont have the will and courage. You dont have the courage to approach the islamabad High court or supreme court. Better make an association and do something, otherwise you will remain like this for whole of your life.

  14. Hallo Professor Khan,
    Yesterday to the avaiable options, I added my suggestions. I may add that in case the CDA is not capable to deliver posession to the allotties/puchasers of E12,she may be proposed to give them alternate plots adjacent to E12 but without any additional costs.We must insist on dlivery of goods for which decades ago price has been paid.It is no where valid in the world that the seller can not be sued for the value of goods received but not delivered, except in the holy land P A K I S T A N – a graveyrad of the impotant and corrupt intitutions and its rulers.

    Z Siddiqui

  15. My Dad got the plot in 1989. I was a post graduate student at that time.He died in 1998.I have the plot since . I have college going children.I hope they dont have to pass this plot to their children.I am ready to share any legal cost arise to go CJSC or elsewhere to get heared.

  16. Z Siddiqui/Frankfurt

    Certaily,we can get togather for a joint ventutre.While living abroad,I would be not available to join physically,but I am very much there via electronic media or on short visit to Pakistan.Also prepared to share any arising costs for a legal recourse.
    From the visit to CDA last year,I was given to understand that the land is occupied by the native farmers and the CDA is not prepared to meet their demands for giving up the possession.However,this is not our problem.We have paid high costs and legitimately entitled for its delivery.We need to make a high level legal recourse against the Prime Minister himself .
    Wafaqi Mohtisib E Aala (if still exists)may also be approached for intervension.An appeal to the Supreme Court/PM/Wafaqi Mohatasib on the first pages of the leading newspapers would also carry weight.
    I remain at your disposal.
    With kind regards.

    Z Siddiqui
    Frankfurt 8Germany

  17. Dr. Professor Shah Nawaz Khan

    I am an allottee of E-12 plot since 1989. Have been writting letters to CDA but each time no positive reply.
    We must get united and appeal to the Chief Justice Of Pakistan for taking SUO MOTO action against the responsible authorities .
    Let us join hands against Govt Sponsored malpracices.
    Similarly I have paid in foreign courency US dollars for ISLAMABD NEW CITY housing city Scheme of CDA (September, 1996) but withoutb any news till now. National Accountability ureau although received my application but no out come till now.
    Can all we , the effectees , get together and unite for the justice?
    Prof. Dr. Shahnawaz Khan
    April,10 2012

  18. zardari is big looters and you cannot expect anything positive

  19. In my opinion we all the affectees approach , supreme court for possesion, i believe the corrupt administration will never give us possesion another decade.


  20. Pakistan in general and CDA in particular is known for corruption. So just pray for your D day.

  21. Pakistan is a land of looters and corrupt people.
    Be a proud Pakistani and wait for a piece of land.

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