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Sector E-12 Islamabad development, after 25 years?

Sector E-12 Islamabad development nowhere in sight

Islamabad (Daily Dawn / August 11, 2012) – Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to fulfill a promise made before the Supreme Court (SC) for early acquisition of sector E-12 from its current owners as the residential sector is in limbo for over 25 years, Dawn has learnt.
Sector E-12 residential unit was launched in 1970s to provide around 5,000 housing units to citizens.
Soon the land acquisition began and sale of plots was announced in 1984.

Master Plan of Sector E-12 Islamabad

According to documents made available to Dawn Nayyar Manzoor a senior citizen has sent an application in January 2010 to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary.
The apex court took up the matter in September 2010 taking notice over CDA’s failure to develop sector E-12.
Nayyar Manzoor to whom the plot was allotted to, told Dawn on Saturday: “I have paid around Rs1.2 million to the authority since 1990 and it was through balloting that I was allotted a corner plot measuring around 500 square yards but it was never allotted to me in all these years.”
The petitioner requested for possession of a plot allotted to him in sector E-12 by CDA for early construction.
However, despite allotment made in 1987, he was yet to get a letter of possession for the plot.
Brig (retired) Rehman Abbasi is also holding a 1000 square yard plot in sector E-12, saying: “I have paid all the dues to the authority as per their demands but it was wastage of money since I have no home because of CDA’s poor management to takeover the land and announce an award for the locals holding the land and clear it from any adverse or illegal possession.”
Like Mr Manzoor and Brig (retired) Rehman, over 5000 people were still waiting for the possession of a land for which they have already paid CDA.
After the court’s directives issued to CDA in September 2010, ordering the authority to submit a progress report over sector E-12, the deputy director rehabilitation on behalf of CDA, through cabinet division, ensured the apex court that in a span of a month’s time (November 2010) after completion of a few formalities, CDA will start paying the compensation to the effected landowners.
“CDA has also assured that Rs10 million will be issued to member estate for payment to the land owners, so to start development work,” said one official of the authority.He said that despite all the assurances given to the apex court, CDA’s successive managements ignored the court decision and the matter is still in limbo.
According to the document, CDA’s management has assured in writing to the court: “To get the land award finalised. Action will be completed in a month’s time.”
The Capital Development Authority management promised to the court, saying: “A dedicated team of officers be constituted which should pursue this issue on emergency basis, with landowners and to ensure payment of compensation to effected landowners, thus retrieving the possession of land at the earliest possible.”
“Chairman CDA to personally monitor working of this team and also furnish a fortnightly report to the cabinet division,” maintained the authority in its commitment given to the court.
“None of these could be materialised and the court directives were not implemented by the authority in letter and spirit,” added one official of the authority not willing to share his name.
When approached, chairman of CDA Farkhand Iqbal, maintained: “I have not made this promise to the court. It was my predecessors. Ask them.”
Admitting that it was the authority’s failure that it could not manage to complete housing sectors like sector E-12 for last several years, he said: “I can assure the citizens that all such projects will be initiated in a ‘month’s time’, since we can only get land vacated from encroachers through a public private partnership venture.”
The chairman could not share any exact time frame with Dawn relating to completion of sector E-12.
“Once a summary is approved by the Law and Justice Division for approval of the partnership venture, we will start our work,” said Mr Iqbal.
“We will hire the best companies since they (private companies) will clear the land from encroachers.”

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    I request to the Honourable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, please take sou moto action and take action agaist those who are responsible for this sector, when the land was not available or not acquired by CDA, why CDA made balloting 26 years ago, might be many allotees have since been expired and who are alive they are hopeless for getting possession of their plot in their life.

  2. The state of affair of Sector D-12 is deplorable. Some of the senior allottes have expired away without having their dreams of a shelter fulfilled.The other are without hope of a near future solution.You can protest what you want but the dead apathy of the CDA and its supervising instituions is by no means to awake. An alternative could be to ask the supreme court to direct CDA to deliver alternative plots to the allottes in another sector which can be fairly matched in its features with E-12 and this should happen now without further playing with the time.

  3. I am of the opinion that we should have to make a huge protest on front of National Assembly in order to draw the concentration of the PM and members of National Assembly as well as electronic and print media towards issue of the development of sector e/12

  4. E-12 is going be graveyard of E-12 alooties..so dont expect anything from CDA..and requesting here on this forum to supreme court is not going to help ..we all have to unite and do something now….better if all the affecties get togather and sue the CDA …

  5. Dear All,

    I am currently writing a letter to the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan to take an action on this daylight robbery by CDA.

    I think this has robbed people of their dream to have their own house. Sectors opened 20 years later are now in development phase, but E-12 is still in limbo. The reason being CDA cannot mint any more money on this and hence are not looking at anything that is not generating revenue for them.

    Could all the people who are owners of E-12 send me their names along with Plot#s and if possible the date when they bought. I would want to write a letter on behalf of multiple people.

    My plan is to send letter by 05th of September, 2012.

    Please share your details at irfan.kabli786(at)gmail.com.


  6. I request Supreme Court to Call CDA Chairman and order him to start development work without any further delay.

  7. I agree with above, I can not believe what you can get away with in Pakistan.

  8. Syed Ahsan Ali Shah

    I am also suffering since long and have no home after retirement in Islamabad. Now my age is 72 Years, please tell me when i will build my house in Islamabad. My request is with Honorable Supreme Court kindly implements the order with immediate effect so that we can build our homes in our life.

  9. I don’t know what should I say about the possession/development of E-12, since it is more than 25 years now. This is totally negligence of CDA. People like me are affected more than 2 decades. All the management of CDA is corrupt, they are not doing their jobs properly and they are not willing to get possession of this sector.
    CDA management is like Government which is totally corrupt people. I think all affected should come on the road and starting their protest, it should continue until we get our plots or we should get rid of these basted management of CDA.

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