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WAPDA Town Multan (Picture Gallery)

These are the pictures of residents of WAPDA Town Phase-I and its different places.

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  1. Aoa. Today i became disappointed with wapda town tennis club Multan. It was my second day of starting a new membership and the trainers were absent WITHOUT INFORMING ANY ONE AS I ALSO GAVE MY NUMBER TO THEM. Moreover, the field was fledged by tennis players and me as a beginner was considered as a no value among them. I request them to give me a small area to play but they refused and then i said them to give me one ball so i can practice there with my brother. And as a reply they threaten me to leave this ground. So i suggest all of you to be a member of any tennis club expect wapda town as it ruins your precious time .

  2. Dear Sir – As , Salam , o , Alikum Sir – Sir Apka Kya Hal Hai -?
    Sir Wapda Town Main Hospital Or Medical Store Bhe Banain-
    Transport Ki Bhe Saholat Honi Chahiyee – Jis Trah Gujranwala Wapda
    Town Main Lahore Bahria Town Main Or Achi Socity Main Yahan
    Tak Ke Rawalpindi Main Bahria Town Main Or Achi Socity
    Main Saholtain Hain Waise He Yahan Bhe Jald Se Jald Di Jaain –
    Jahan Per Baundry Wals Nahin Hain Wahan Baundry Wals Banai Jaain
    Or Dogs Ka Aana Close Kiya Jaye – Jo Dogs Phir Rahay Hain Inay
    Maray Jaain – Ladies Or Jents Or Babys Walk Kertay Time Dogs Se
    Her Kism Ke Dangrous Janwars Se Bohat Dertay Hain Sir Request Hai Inko Maray Jaain – Sir Zindgi Se Bari Koi Cheeze Hai Tu Batain Plz – Sir Ye Jo Khali Plots Hain In Main Hul Chala Ker Saath He Blade Mara Jaye – Jri Botiyan Khatam Ki Jaain – Her Blocks Main Her Streets Main Jma Dar Se Sahi Kam Kerwaya Jaye
    Sir Security Ka Nizam Behtar Kiya Jaye – Ziyada Se Ziyada Security Guards Hoonge Tu Logs Rehnay Walay Bhe – Or Jinke Plots Hain Wo Bhe Security System Daikh Ker Jald Rehnay Legay Gain –
    Sir Ap Sab Office Walon Ko Bohat Duain Milaingi Apka Bhe Fayda
    Hoga – Sir Phase 3 Kab Tak Launch Kernay Ka Programe Hai – Kitna Time Or Legay Ga – Security Guards Or Super Visors Ki Ta dad Ziyada Ki Jaye Yani Ziyada Barhaye Jaain Plz –
    Sir Jitnay Old Or New Security Guards Hain Inka Bhe Fayda Socha
    Jaye Request Hai Sir Plz – Sir Jo Gates Close Hain Inay Open Kiya Jaye – Sir Yahan Per Jitnay Charay Admi Logs Rent Per Rehtay Hain Inka Bayo Deta Liya Jaye Inka Kahin Or Rehnay Ka Bundo bast Kiya Jaye – Sir Es Main Apki Socity Ka He Fayda Hai Sir Early Reply Me Plz Request Hai Sir Apse – Apke Betay Jaisa Muhammad Faisal Anwar –

  3. plz inform me date of draw of phase 3

  4. assalamoalaikum

    plz inform me date of draw of phase III

  5. Dear brothers, any one can tell the prices of one kanal plot in A & B in wapda town phase-1 ? Earliest response will be highly appreciated.

    Best Wishes

  6. salam! wapda town multan phase III ki qura andazi kb tk ho gi?

  7. sir wapda town p III ki kurandazi kab ho gi final date bata dein.or sath yeh ky kurandazi ki seriel humy kesy mily gi

    • i think you can directly visit wapda phase -1 office, they can tell the correct answer of your question. many of us waiting draw date of phase-3. thanks

  8. muhammad saleem bhutto

    the wapda town multan is suitable location for residential accommodation and than i appply the plot for phase-iii please information

  9. Dear Sir- As , Salam ,o , Alikum Sir – Sir Mojhay Wapda Town Acha Legta Hai – Magar Es Town Main Roads Ki Plots Ki Streets Ki Houses Ke Samnay Bohat Kam Neat And Clean Hai Ziyada Kora Karket Rehta Hai – Snakes Or Mukhatalif Kism Ke Kiray Makoray Rehtay Hain Jis Se Her Time Der Rehta Hai – Dogs Bhe Bohat Mojood Rehtay Hain Martay Kam Hain Unse Bhe Her Time Der Sa Rehta Hai – Sir Ladies Babys Or Bohat Se Logs Sair Kertay Hain Phirtay Hain-
    Koi Paishent Bhe Phirta Hai – Kisi Ko Koi Problem Hai Kisi Ko Koi Problem –
    Allah Pak Ki Zat Na Keray Kisi Ko Kuch Ho –
    Sir Plz Es Baray Main Zaroor Sochain – Nwazish Hogi Apki – Message Ka Jawab Jald Dain Plz – Apka Betay Jaisa Faisal Anwar –

    • I really appreciated Mr.Faisal Anwar funning complaint. As you know WAPDA PH-1 is recently developped residancy colony and several houses are under construction. I belived that by the time being all your complaint will be clear because recently there is no offical club/originization present who can control these kind of issue. WAPDA office doing best for the time being.


      • Dear Sir – As , Salam , o , Alikum Sir – Apka Kya Hal Hai -? Sir Main Ne 13 December 2012 Ko 1 Message Kiya Tha – Abhi Tak Reply Nahin Aya – Sir Main Ne Kha Tha – Ke Old Security Gard Ko Wapis Bolaya Jaye Or Kuch New Security Guards Rakhay Jaain – Es Liye Ke Wo Her Wapda Town Ki Roads Or Streets
        Per Pherain Or Chaker Legaain – Yahan Ke Rehnay Walay Logs Unko Pata Legay Ke Yahan Security Sahi Hai Or Jinke Plots Khali Paray Hoye Hain Wo Yahan Bnana Open Kerain – Choriyoun Or Dakoyoun Se Bachain Yahan Ke Logs – Sir Gates Per Or Baundry Walls Per Security Tu Hai Magar Kam Hai –

      • Security Guards Idher Udher Chaker Lega Raha Hai – Baundry Wall Ke Ander Bhe Gurad Chaker Legaye – Es Se Logon Ke Dil Baray Hoonge – Request Hai Sir Plz – Sir All Security Guards Hain Inke Rehany Ka Bhe Bandobast Kiya Jaye Jinko Rehnay Ka Masla Hai – Sir Jitnay Khali Plots hain In Main Jri Botiyan Kora Karkat Ki Safayi Ki Jaye Her kisam Ki Kiray Makoray Khatam Hoon – Hul Or Balid Bahe Mara Jaye – Plz Sir –
        Early Reply Me Plz Sir – 0313 – 7379930 –

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