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WECHS Launched WAPDA City Phase 2 Faisalabad

WAPDA City Faisalabad Phase 2  Announced by WECHS


Faisalabad (Friday, October 11, 2013) – WAPDA Employees Co-operative Housing Society (WECHS) Faisalabad has announced WAPDA City Faisalabad Phase-II.

Last date to Submit Application Form = October 31, 2013

Application Form are Available from following offices:-

1- All Head Quarters of DISCOS

2- Designated Branches of Dubai Islamic Bank

Special Offers for Following Employees:-





WAPDA Employees

Retired WAPDA Employees

Residential Plots Available:-

125 squire yards

250 squire yards

500 squire yards

1000 squire yard

Location Map WAPDA Town Faisalabad
Location Map WAPDA Town Faisalabad
WAPDA City Faisalabad Phase 2 Housing Scheme
WAPDA City Faisalabad Phase 2 Housing Scheme

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  1. I have 5 Marla file in wapda city phase 2. If any one interested to buy it then please contact. 03166805020


    • Booking details of WAPDA City Phase 2 Faisalabad:
      Price of 5 Marla Plot = 20 LAC

      Price of 10 Marla Plot = 37.5 LAC

      Price of 1 Kanal Plot = 70 LAC

      Booking 100% payment / no installments only cash purchase

      Contact #
      0321 4388511

  3. I have 5 Marla file in wapda city phase 2. If any one interested to buy it then please contact. 03046661116.

  4. sabar ki intiha ho gy h akhir kb tk ye hamy possession de gain

  5. i have 2 files 5 marla in wapda city phase 2 Faisalabad. i want to sale it please contact 0321-4990367.

  6. please tell me any up dates of wapda city phase 2 and if any, and also any can update me about purchasing of Land. I am very upset regarding delay of belting.0333-6570943

  7. I have 5 Marla plot file in Wapda city phase 2. I want to sale it….

  8. Any friend Know the complaint cell in WAPDA H/O, tell me please.

  9. please tell me any up dates of wapda city phase 2 and if any, and also any can update me about purchasing of Land. I am very upset regarding delay of belting.0333-4638492

  10. please tell me any up dates of wapda city phase 2 and if any body want to sale 10marla plot file can contact me at my cell number thanks 03403764970

  11. please tell me some one latest status if any have

  12. What is the status of Phase-II

  13. In August 2016, the Society Admin office sent letters to the Members of Phase-2 “That Members are at liberty to take back their money” In other words the Management of WAPDA City Phase-2 has made fools to the innocent members by taking bank interest on the deposited money of the Members. Simply the Management is fradulent. So all members should take back their money without waisting time and collectively take an initiative by lodging complaint in the NAB, Ombudsman, Punjab for redressal of their grievance after all the Management is utilizing our money since Oct, 2013.

  14. Take your money back. I also taken my money back. And take this matter into federal or provincial ombudsman. or in court.

  15. Take your money back. I also taken my money back.

  16. The admn.dealing with the affairs of we he phase 2faisalabad has highly disappointed ita members and are testing Thier patience since lat three years.will some one take stock of the motives as this now appears a case akin to dha City lahore where even the families of Military SHUHDA have been deceived.

  17. And now they are returning money

  18. Any update on location and land procurement?

  19. Or if any one have files we purchase these files contact me on there whats app and Skype id kamrantoorgujjar
    Sell 03457743776

    • AOA, Mr. Kamram i want to buy the 10 Marla ploat in Wapda City Phase 2, what the price for 10 marla and also want to know the right situation, where they will construct the phase 2 and when i will get the possession.
      Khuram Rashid
      0321 7272887

    • i have file 1 kanal

  20. Muhammad Rafique

    sir,I have deposit the nine installments but still no announcement from society nor they inform us for allotment file. may be it is fraud? 0340 0001441

  21. Any 1 knows about the place that where they should allot us the plot

  22. if anyone want t sale the 10 marla or one canal file. please contact me on 03009459315

  23. Is the scheme alive or its fate is as like DHA City Lahore?

  24. What Wapda will do for phase 2 still no updates. What about the installments which have been paid by employees. This coming june 2016 will end the installments. when & how the management of phase 2 will declare the land and if they don’t; what are the consequences other than taking legal actions & what if someone has paid less installments what are their rights for the plot.

  25. wapda yet no purchased lands beacuse very costly near getwala.

  26. Any body knows about for phase 2? what is final location for phase 2 or they going to return amount?

    • if u have file of phase 2,sale it as soon becsuse wapda sosciety yet not have purchased land,near wapd city 1 phase lands so costly,if in future they purchase lands possibile near saumandri road bz cost of lands low then near getwala.

  27. Sagar KA imtehan aakhir kab tak? Kia 2.5 saal kafi nhn.

  28. why is too late? please stop fooling with poor employs of wapda who have dreams for house within limited resources?

  29. should visit society office and only meet babar ikram sb. or contact mujahid chatha secretary phase 2 at 0345-1500414.

  30. all the applicants of phase 2 should protest for being delay by the society admn and not declaring the location of land despite 2.5 years later. VERY STRANGE.

    • Beacuse they have no purchased lands,Wapda society get good bank interset on your money,
      Every invester put this case int NIAB.

  31. wapda city phase-2 lank purchase ho gaee ha kee nahee when it will be started, intizar bahutt ho gai ha

  32. Intha ho gai intizar ke
    aai na koi khabr phase 2 ke
    Chathu paisa chatu

  33. why is too late? please stop fooling with poor employs?

  34. Please give me any Executive person name and contact of Phase 2 for location confirmation, if any one have any information about location kindly send me.

  35. please contact S.E(O) Fesco FSD (secretary phase 2 Mujahid chatha 0345-1500414, and Babar Ikram Secrtary phase one for their final answer other then contact for returning payment with profits.

  36. I have already requested twice to kindly let me know the latest status,but all this contemplated like a bewildered cry in desert.which is pathetic.Has the scheme launched to earn the bank profit? Or it has some constructive purpose?please donot play with the aspiration of employees or they will be constrained for seeking some remedy.

  37. Despite lapse of a period more than two years,the fate of society regarding purchase of land, membership eye is not forth coming coming. Will some one let us know the present status please?

    • All should personally visit the society office or take strict measures against them through NAB. They are just fooling the people.

  38. if you have 5 marla polat in phase 2 then plz tell us is price nd have you decided the location o`f phase 2

  39. As per Mr. Mujahid chatha secretary wapda city phase 2, still land is not finalized and commetie is agreed to wait till 31-Nov-15. Other then payment will be disbursed to the applicants.

  40. if any one have any updates regarding Faisalabad Wapda town Phase 2 please share.

  41. any update about phase 2??

  42. Almost Two years period has elapsed but there is no news about Phase-2 except once Society sent a letter to deposit 1st installment amount. I have deposited the initial amount of Rs.97000/- for 10 marla plot. I want to sell this plot at some good premium price.


  44. WAPDA city men phase 3 kab start ho raha hay bhai?

  45. I have paid 5 instalments for a 10 Marla was assured that land will be purchased and balloting will be possible within a year. a period more than 2 years has passed away, but we have not been informed about the development made so far.will some one at the helm of affairs will let me know the latest status that how long it will take to hear some good news?

  46. Any idea if they have decided the location for phase 2? also what is the price of 10 marla plot now?

  47. 5 marlay ka kia rate hai phase 2 mein

  48. please contact at 03324641738 if anyone want to buy 10 marla plot in wapda city phase 2

  49. @ 5 lac


  50. It is called faisalabadi style. Demand as well as offer all in the air.



  52. I have 10 marla plot for sale in wapda city phase 2 lathiyan wala…
    pls qoute ur premium..
    contect : 0300.8455006

  53. I have ten marla plot for sale in wapda city phase 2 fsd.. any one inyreay

  54. I want to purchase 5 Marla plot in wapda city phase 2.if any one want to sale the plot pls contact with me.0340_6899470

  55. I want to purchase 5 Marla plot in Walsall city phase 2.if any one want to sale the plot please contact with me.0340_6899470

  56. Yar ya wapda town phase-ii kya kar rahin han. For the last two years we are waiting for any good news but all in vain. Whereas members of WAPDA town Multan Phase-III are enjoying in small deposit with huge profit.

    If some one update about new development on our side

  57. Chota Lathian wala ya Bara Lathian Wala

  58. Any news of site location? any tentative date announced by society?

    • No any news about site but Mr.Taimoor said the site is Lathian wala is deciided.
      But No Paper working is ready up till now

  59. I need plots in wapda city of 5marlas

  60. I need plot in wapda city fsd phase 2

  61. Date of 3nd instament is comming but no location is decided

    tracking number 00113

  62. Date of 3nd instament is comming but no location is decided

  63. 5 marla cash par kitny ka hy
    10 marla ki kia price hy on cash

  64. It is not fare to demand 2nd installment without deciding the location of site. First the society may decide where they are going to purchase the land. we are already afraid of the society sites like Sargodha, Sheikhupura etc.

  65. Date of 2nd instament is comming but no location is decided

  66. I want to confirm when its ballot will be held.

  67. I agreed with Mr M.Shafique that prices of plots areon high side which are beyound scale below 16 Employees. Even i suggest that 05 Marla plot should also be made accessable to scale 17 keeeping in view thier salary structure. Hope it would be revised.


    baqi plots ki price beshak kam na karen magar 5 marla plot ki instalment km se kam 10000 honi chaye.


    Aslamo alikum .
    Sir ap ne ye acha step socha he k wapda emplyees ke lye. magar in ki price boht zyada he aj kal ke hisab se please ic me koi kami karen ta ke ak clerk ki pohanch me bhi ye plot hon . ic waqat siway 15 ya ic se above ke log hi ice le sakte hen . baqi to boht mushkil he.

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