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Bahria Enclave Islamabad – Opposite Park Enclave Housing Scheme

Bahria Enclave is located opposite of new launched Park Enclave at park Road Islamabad.

Last Date to apply : July 20, 2011


Plot Size 10 Marla (35’x70′) 1 Kanal (50’x90’)
Down Payment Rs. 408,000/- Rs. 717,000/-
9 Installments (after every 2 months) Rs. 288,000/- Rs. 587,000/-
Total Amount Rs. 3,000,000/- Rs. 6,000,000/-



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  1. malik riaz is the biggest name in the history of Pakistan in housing sector. he is generating a dream come true for the people who have less saving and income.im hurt to know about some people are trying to say bad words about malik riaz. I pray for malik. because he a great man.

  2. This is a very pathetic plan man dont you have something realistic for once give the pakistanis a true picture of the events.

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    I have a number of Plots in bharia enclave at good location…..If u r intrested….I am available…..Cell no. 0324-7763277 & 0321-6679784….

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  6. It’s a scam that Malik Riaz is doing with people. Its completely bullshit what is clamed about Bahria Enclave, I have personally visited the Bahria Enclave site and its a big lie that it is opposite to Park Enclave announced by CDA. I am a middle class person who was really interested in buying the plot in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad as it was claimed to be selling at half the price offered by CDA. To my surprise, the site location is not at the place where it has been shown on the map. From Park road, CDA Park Enclave is just 500 meters. However, Bahria enclave is 6 KM ( 6 Kilometers) far away from the Park road. 6 KM distance is a big thing and Malik Riaz is befooling the investors that it is half the price offered by CDA. I like to aware all those investors who are either in Pakistan or in abroad, wanting to apply for the plots to get the real picture. I have been meeting with many property dealers, Bahria town site employees and studied news paper. Bahria town is unable to provide answer to following questions and without their answers; it will be a really foolish idea to apply for it.

    1: There is no guarantee that Bahria Town has got NOC from CDA. It is evident that Malik Riaz is a powerful man, having a land mafia to back him up. Generally, it is said that Mr. Zardari has given him the go head for this. The CDA has clearly mentioned that they have no NOC. By this year or next, Zardari will be gone and middle class people money will get stuck in judicial war between CDA and Bahria Town. I still feel that based on his power, Malik Riaz may get the NOC. I have shared the references to strengthen my opinions in the end section.

    2. Secondly, there is no road access so far for Bahria Enclave. I asked them again and again to tell me from where Bahria Enclave will be connected with the main road and they say that we are still planning. What a shame that they have planed the society and have not planed the road access. At least, this thing does not click my mind. Bahria people are saying that there are two options they are thinking of presently to get connected with Main road. One is to get connected to Muree road from Barah Koh. I feel the people living in Islamabad realize that Barah Koh is at at drive of 25 mins from Aabpara Market. The Bahria Enclave if connected through Barah Koh will additionally need 8~10 KM further drive. Now you can imagine how far it is. Second option they are looking at is to get connected through Lehtrar road from back side of Bahria Enclave via Simli Dam. This is the longest distance even more than connecting through Bara Koh. The last option is available is connecting through Park Road, but CDA won’t allow them and it is not even in their plan. If I am buyer, I will not purchase unless it is clear that from where they are giving road access.

    3. I have shared the link of news paper classified below, where it is explicitly offered by property dealers that one can guaranteed get the plot in Bahria Enclave. They are offering the plot numbers on the spot. This is contradiction to the balloting option. The inside story behind this fact is that Malik Riaz has floated the plots to property dealers to initiate the buying and selling for the plots so that investor can gain the confidence. I called one of property dealers today and asked him, what he will get in return of giving me the plot in Bahria Enclave. He told me that Mailk Riaz will pay for the commission and we have to just pay the down payment for the plot and get the plot number in return. Shocked or surprised. It’s a big mafia that is planning to loot the people. Bahria Enclave has a total of 720 residential plots. Out of which 520 are of 10 marlas. This is a very handful number of plots. Malik Riaz is planning to repeat the story of what he did in case of Bahria Town Pahse 6,7,8. At that time, every one’s plot was announced in Phase 6 and later on shifted to far sites like Phase 7 and 8. He is also planning to do the same here. He will buy the land with the money invested from people in terms of plot applications. Every one’s application will be entertained. You can now imagine that your plot will be in air even if it is announced as there is land demarcation for only 720 plots. This is an example of cheating.

    Above all, I still feel that he will set up the city 5~6 years from now there. I have shared my honest reviews and it is up to you guys to decide whether you still want this or not. For reference, I have shown the maps link for both Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave. The fake Bahria Enclave is even marked near Park Enclave, so don’t believe it. I have shared the actual location of Bahria Enclave in separate links below. If the price of canal offering of 120 Million from CDA is taken and compared with that of Bahria Enclaves 6 Million for canal, I still stay CDA Park Enclave is still better. The Park Enclave is 6 Km away and where there is no road access so far and one says 60 Lacs for canal. It’s simply ridicules and illogical. The max cost for the canal at that site cannot be more than 30 Lacs.

  7. local residence of the said area comment that there is no enough land available for such huge project. they have 100 canal land.

  8. local residence of the said area comment that there is no enough land available

    for such project. can bahria management give some explaination on this topic

  9. Their processing fee is 8,000 or 10,000 (for 10 marla or 1 kanal) non refundable for successful and unsuccesful candidiates. Good way to earn money from people. and they are keeping the down payment i.e., 4xx k or 7xx k(for 10 marla or 1 kanal) for no wonder how long. One month markup would be 4k or 7k on these amounts. Not fair

  10. Abdul Rasheed Khan

    do bahria have noc for this project?

  11. do the Bahria has the CDA NOC and enough land for this project

  12. m. mudassar khan

    was unable to find the application form

  13. I am not able to find an application form for Bahira Town Islamabad

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