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CDA Islamabad Vs Bahria Town – Park Enclave a test case

CDA Islamabad Vs Bahria Town – Park Enclave & Bahria Enclave a test case
Islamabad (July 10, 2011) – A real estate tycoon made a clever but `unethical` move by announcing a housing scheme close to another one launched recently by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to provide what the city managers called “unique” housing facilities in the federal capital.
The move of Bahria Towns owner is obviously aimed at failing Park Enclave which the Capital Development Authority`s (CDA) scheme has launched after two decades as he is offering plots on cheaper rates and easy terms.
However, some real estate experts were of the view that although Bahria Town has gained good reputation in housing, but it could not match the standard of development which the CDA offers.
“Bahria Town cannot provide such wide streets and roads in its scheme which the CDA has in its already developed sectors,” a real estate expert Mohammad Asif said.
Some people believe that the future of most ambitious housing project, Park Enclave, launched by the prime minister is still bright because people have more confidence in the CDA than any other private housing scheme. They expect that now the CDA will develop a better scheme due to competition with the private builder.
Although the CDA officials claimed that the scheme launched by Bahria Town has no NOC or approval from the authority, they seemed to be helpless in taking any action against the private developer due to his influence and connection with the ruling elite.
It has been learnt that the city managers are under immense pressure from some political circles to facilitate Bahria Town in launching its scheme making the authority helpless in taking any action against it.
“We are only concentrating on our own scheme to fulfill all promises made with the plot seekers at the time of its launching, instead of looking towards others,” said the CDA`s spokesman Ramzan Sajid.
The move of Bahria Town is believed to be `surprising` for many including some CDA officials.
The CDA, being part of the government, requires its support to deal with the influential real estate builder. And if it is supported by the government, it can establish its writ as it did few years ago when it retrieved some 200 kanals of land allegedly occupied by Bahria Town near the bed of Soan River.
Here some questions arise. Can the private builder launch a housing scheme in Islamabad without approval of the CDA and second, does he owns required land in the area to develop a successful housing scheme?
If the prime minister does not take notice of unauthorised private scheme, the project he had launched this week will be affected badly because the private builder has offered plots in his scheme half of the price set by the CDA in Park Enclave, which is called `Jewel of Islamabad`.
The CDA has recently allowed housing in Zone-IV, which spread over 70,000 acres to provide planned housing and commercial facilities in the zone. However, it has so far not issued NOC or approval to anyone for any housing project in the zone. “As far as my knowledge is concerned, the CDA has not issued even a single NOC for any housing scheme in Zone-IV,” the CDA spokesman said.
According to Zoning Regulations 2010, also approved by federal cabinet, NOC is mandatory for launching any housing scheme in Zone-IV and V.
Bahria Town spokesperson claimed that the firm was in possession of the land where it announced its scheme and an application had been submitted to the CDA for seeking NOC.
Real estate experts said it was a real test for the CDA to prove itself as the city`s development authority and to do away with the impression of `slackness` in opening new residential sectors in Islamabad. It has become necessary for the civic body to complete the development work of Park Enclave in stipulated time with all modern facilities promised in the scheme.
(Published in Daily English “DAWN” on 10-7-2011)

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  1. Can any one told me about E-16 CDA Housing scheme which is recently lunch by CDA.

  2. Actually there is no match between CDA and Bharia Town. Bharia town very sucessfully completed very very huge schemes not only in Islamabad/Rawalpindi but in other cities of Pakistan. On other side, CDA, have not able to deliver its schemes in time. Usullay CDA schemes take 20 years to complete. This is despite the facts that CDA recives huge amount of budget from Federal Government in billion of rupees. So Bharia Town is safe than CDA.

  3. What abt.possession of E-12, over 20 yrs.and no possession… Any idea when cda is giving possession?

  4. What is the future of E-12?

    When CDA will announce that a very very old commitment is completed for the desperately waiting allotees.

  5. Muhammad Inayat Chaudhry

    I agree with Zia, that CDA should fulfill its promis of I-15 first, before the Park Enclave. Why CDA is sitting on public money for flats in I-15, without any fault of the poor public. CDA is a puppet in the hands of the ruling elite and same is the case with Bahria admininstration. Bahria, having connection with top govenment hi-ups, does not feel ashamed of any action, whether legal or illegal. In case CDA has not issued any NOC, why an ad for public with half price. The govenrment should take sever action, for making fool of public.

  6. The article published in DAWN is very right, Governemnet must take actions against Bahria Town to set the writ of the governemnet , otherwise these big fishes will kill the Pakistan. I respect Malik Riaz becuse of his work but certainly this move is unauthetical and damage the goodwill of the Malik Riaz and Bahria Town. It is agrressness and must be challanged by the CDA and Prime Minister. On the other hand, CDA must fulfill its committment because they are unable to deliver I-15 Sector and Flats. A lot of public money is with CDA. I also believe that if CDA build its repute than in no way, Such actions from private sector (Bahria Town ) can be taken. Anyway, CDA must take actions against Bahria Town for launching the housing scheme without approval from authority to set a good example.

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