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CDA Park Enclave Housing Scheme Islamabad Ground Breaking Ceremony of Development on Feb 20 2012

Ground breaking of the development of Park Enclave would now be held on Monday, February 20, 2012.
Islamabad ( February 15, 2012) : Ground breaking ceremony of development work of Capital Development Authority (CDA) Park Enclave would be held on February 20, 2012 instead of February 16, 2012 as earlier announced.

CDA Park Enclave Housing Scheme Islamabad Ground Breaking Ceremony today 20-2-2012

In this regard, CDA Spokesman has said that the ground breaking ceremony of the development work was scheduled to be held on February 16, 2012, which has been postponed due the visits of Presidents of Iran and Afghanistan to Pakistan as number of activities being held in the city.

CDA Spokesman further said that due to the busy schedule of all the honourable parliamentarians and other government functionaries during this visit of the Presidents of Iran and Afghanistan, CDA has postponed the ground breaking ceremony of CDA Park Enclave, however, the ceremony would be held on February 20, 2012.

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  1. Dear All Friends,
    I am Intrested ths Soicty Bying Plot.So please Tell me. mai purchase karo yaha k na. becoz mai 1st time kesi socity mai plot purchase kar raha hon. or uper logo k comment read kar k dar gia hon k yai fraud hai. plz tell me.
    Arman Ansari

  2. This is regarding CDA Park Enclave Project through which it has dodged the poor public once again by stating that through this prestigious project CDA is going to recover its lost glory, which I would preferably put it this way to get the confidence of public back in the poor management of CDA. In support of its claim that CDA will complete this prestigious project with in twelve months (initially) and later (eighteen) months, the reasons given were that the land is in possession of CDA and cost of the plots fixed at such a higher price that there would be no problem in timely development and handing over of plots.
    As usual CDA has failed to hold to its commitment and the poor public is to suffer once again through this new gimmick of CDA to squeeze money from them. This is a social way of cheating by a government organization. In spite of abnormal delay in the issue of allotment letters to the successful bidders for plots in Park Enclave, neither the development work has been started nor the payment schedule for the successful applicants have been revised. Moreover, any delay in payments to CDA is liable payment fine, but there is no compensation for the abnormal blockage of peoples money by CDA beyond the due date of development given for Park Enclave. There is also a probability of abnormal delay in development resulting in inability of CDA to complete the job due to inflation.
    I think, it is high time that CDA should come up with timely solution to all the issues highlighted by me because gone are the old days of exploiting the poor public. In case a viable solution to the issue of Park Enclave project is not given, the CDA might soon find itself in court of law which is the right of each citizen to get remedy for its grievance and justice should prevail.
    I hope all the affected would support my view point and coordinate for further necessary action please.
    Javaid Qaisar

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