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DHA Peshawar Development Work Status in sector A and B, Location Map

DHA Peshawar Development Work Status in sector A and B, Location Map

DHA Peshawar Building Dreams – Defense Housing Authority
Inauguration of the Main gate on 13th of September 2018
completing construction work at an amazing rate

DHA Peshawar Development Work Status in sector A and B-location Map-2 -min
DHA Peshawar Development Work Status in sector A and B-location Map-2 -min

Organized by: Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and National Logistics Cell (NLC).
The idea of establishing defense Housing Authority Peshawar was conceived in the year 2007. DHA Peshawar is an acting body formed under an Act of Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa Parliament called as DHA Peshawar Act 2009.
In Sector C bond signed with the FWO:
A bond has been signed with the Frontier Works Organization in order to improve the facility and level of the construction work done in the DHA Peshawar. Frontier Works Organization is a military engineering organization and one of the major science and technology command in Pakistan. As this mutually signed bonding has been done so it is clear that this Project is one of the best Projects.

Underground Electricity and Gas Pipe Lines:
Underground Electricity and Gas pipe lines have been placed in order to maintain a safer Zone for people. Many a time, the Electricity wires carrying high voltage tends to fall on the people. In keeping that incident on mind, DHA Peshawar has placed the Electricity line underground. On the other hand, the Gas pipe lines are also placed underground by which the Safety of the People will be upgraded.

Planting of trees according to the Army Initiative:
Trees are the basics of any country and Army is the back bone of any country. In Pakistan it is a great need of planting of trees. This Initiative was taken by our Pakistan Army and to help them make a greener Pakistan. DHA Peshawar is supporting Pakistan Army in planting Trees to make a greener and healthier Pakistan.

Secured Living Environment:
As this project has taken place under the Pakistan’s Army super vision therefore the security is also done by the Pakistan Army best men with the 24/7 keeping an eye on every suspicious activity.

Developed Urban Areas:
With the Help of Pakistan Army, in this project, the urban areas are being developed by up-rising the standard of living.  With fine carpeted roads, beautiful structures the urban life is being updated.

Promoting Religious Harmony:
In Pakistan and Islam it is always said that the religious harmony should be maintain and to maintain the harmony this project is made under supervision of the Pakistan Army. So, there will be no fight against each other either it is Islam, Christianity or Judaism.

Health, Education & Entertainment:
Heath, education and entertainment is the basic need of any society. In order to provide these basic facilities, DHA Peshawar has made one of the luxurious cinemas, Hospitals and Educations in keeping Western world in the Mind.

Fully secured by 12 ft high security wall:
12 feet high security wall has been made in order to prevent any of the stranger maybe a Thief or murdered from coming inside of this Society. These Walls also act as a boundary wall for the other societies dividing yours with others.

Location plan
In DHA Peshawar is present in between the Northern Bypass and 15 Minutes drive from Hayatabad and 20 min drive from the Saleh Khana. DHA Peshawar is linked with the Jamrud.

Payment Plan:
No Payment Plan Available…

Contact and Booking Information
DHA Peshawar Khyber Road, Peshawar Cantt, Peshawar.
Phone Number:
0915613786, 0915613814


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