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Guidlines & Tips to Buy a House (Old House)

1- Buying a Old House (one which has been under some occupancy)

a) Price of an old house is relatively more because of the implicit price of the location. Its price is mainly governed by its location.
The cost of construction continues to decrease with passing time.
c) Be sure to ask for visit in daylight & in the evening
d) Quality of construction can be observed from several areas
e) First of all the paint should be seen. If the paint is new & fresh on an older house, then it should be looked closely because it may be used to conceal some defects in walls.
f) Electric wiring is generally concealed; the best way is to check each & every switch and socket.
g) Do not ignore this checking by casually switching a few buttons. Defective wiring in some portion may even lead to short-circuiting.
h) Plumbing is best seen from the portions of water pipes which are not visible easily. Those parts which are hidden under the kitchen sink, wash basin, near the geyser and those entering the house from main supply can give a good idea of the quality & standard of plumbing.
i) All sanitary fittings should be checked physically for proper flow.
j) Water tank or water supply system should be inspected both for its present quality. For water tank, it is necessary to inspect the inner walls.
k) Observe the natural light available in the house in both daylight & evening times. Switch off all the lights & open all window accesses to observe the quantity of daylight available inside the house.
l) Similarly inspect the windows & ventilators for air passage. Check if there is construction in the nearby which can block air passage in these windows.
m) Checking all the hardware & electrical fittings will also give an idea of the cost which needs to be invested additionally.

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