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Housing Policy : Lahore GOR-I Officers residences Few officials refuse to move

Lahore GOR-I Officers residences Few officials refuse to move
LAHORE (August 21,2011) : Allowing certain retired officers to continue to occupy the GOR-I official residences despite cancellation of their allotments through delaying tactics or showing paper possession (mention only in record) is creating the impression that the Punjab government’s housing policy is not all about merit.
The housing policy was formulated in January 2009 but it was implemented with tall claims around three months ago.
According to the complainants, four retired bureaucrats are being allowed to retain their official residences in GOR-I on one pretext or another despite the cancellation of their allotments three months ago.
Messrs Safdar Javaid Syed and Ziaur Rehman, both Punjab Public Service Commission members, had filed an application challenging the cancellation of their allotments.
Their application was forwarded to the secretaries law and regulation for opinion and both of them rejected it on the ground that the residences were given to the officers when they were in government service and as members of the PPSC they had no legal right to retain them.
The affected ones allege that to further give time to both the applicants their summary was forwarded to the chief minister. And they were still occupying the residences despite the rejection by the chief minister.
They allege Messrs Syed Hamid Shah and Ejaz Ali Zaigham, both members of the Service Tribunal, did not also vacate their residences and later made a representation that they would do so if given the house rent being enjoyed by the PPSC members. A decision was pending which means an extension in their stay, they allege.
They allege that other retired senior bureaucrats like Mr Yousaf Kamal also were living in the official residences despite cancellation of their allotments, showing only in record that they had vacated them.
Officials concerned were not available for comment despite repeated attempts.

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