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Jerma Housing Scheme Kohat – Plots Draw Held

Jirma Housing Scheme launched in Kohat – Draw Held for allotment of plots

PESHAWAR (April 3, 2012) : Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, has said that the provincial government has sincere to provision of housing facilities to people.

Click Here for Draw Results of Plots of Jerma Housing
He said while inaugurating computerised draw for allocation of plots in Jirma Housing Scheme, Kohat, in Chief Minister’s House on Tuesday.

He termed the opening of new public sector housing schemes at different places of the province were testimony to it.
Provincial Minister for Housing Amjad Afridi, Secretary Housing Department Zaki Ullah, Director General Pakhtunkhwa Housing Authority Javed, Director Finance Sharif Ullah and officers of Habib Bank Limited including Taqvim Hassan Karmani, Abdul Muneeb and Farman Qureshi were also present on the occasion.
The chief minister was informed about the Jirma Housing Scheme. All basic life needs and facilities will be available to the inhabitants in the housing scheme. The scheme comprises of 300 kanal land containing 5 marla plots numbering 214 and 109 plots measuring 10 marla which were divided between government employees and general public categories.
A total of 3,125 applications were received against total 323 plots. Haider Khan lauded this project of housing department and hope that the scheme will be helpful in overcoming deficiency of modern and quality houses.


Salient Features of the Proposed Housing Scheme

  • The project site is located in District Kohat near Kohat University main Indus highway.
  • Total area of scheme is 300 kanal where 329 plots of different categories are created. (218 five Marla and 111 ten Marla) 37 kanal land is reserved for apartments which will accommodate approximately 216 flats.

Categories of Applicants

General Public 50%
Government Servants 50%

Terms & Conditions of Allotment

  1. Residential plots of sizes 5 Marla and 10 Marla are available for allotment, in Jerma Town in District Kohat on Bannu, Kohat Road.
  2. The sizes of the plots and down payment required to be deposited alongwith the applications are given below.
    Sr. No. Size of the Plot Total Number of Plots Available for Allotments Total Cost of the Plot Area of the Plot in Sq.ft (Approximately) Advance Payment 15% of the cost
    1. 25′ x 54′ 218 Rs. 450,000/- 1350 Rs. 67,500/-
    2. 37′ x 74′ 111 Rs. 900,000/- 2738 Rs. 135,000/-


  1. Size of plots are approximate and subject to modification on actual measurement at the time of handing over of possession.
  2. 5% extra would be charged for corner plots AFTER ALLOTMENT.
  3. Processing fee shall be deposited along with applications.
  4. Costing of plots are tentative and may be changed only in case of un-avoidable circumstances.

Eligibility for Allotment

To be eligible for a plot under General Public the applicant should;

  1. Be a citizen of Pakistan holding CNIC.
  2. Neither own nor allotted a residential plot by PHA in his/her name.
  3. To be eligible for a plot under Govt Servants.
  4. All government servants in service or retired can apply.

Criteria for Various Categories

  1. There will be no restriction upon Government Employees to apply in the general public quota as well. However; a Government employee will be entitled to one plot only.
  2. Allotment of the plots will be on the basis of balloting through computer.

Procedure for submission of application form and refund of amount to unsuccessful applicants.

  1. Submission of application
    1. Applicants are advised to submit their applications, duly filled in, on the prescribed application form before 31st January 2012in the designated branches of Habib Bank Limited.
    2. Applications must be accompanied with down-payment of 15% for General Public and 15% Government Servants as advance.
    3. Rs. 500/- as processing fee (non-Refundable) for 5 Marla plot & Rs. 1,000/- for 10 Marla Plot payable with application form to the bank. Applications received without advance money and processing fee will not be entertained.
    4. The completed applications will be submitted in person/through bearer in the designated branches of Habib Bank Limited.
    5. Receipt at the bottom of the application form duly filled in by the applicant will be stamped and signed by the authorized officer of the designated branch of the bank and handed over to the applicant / bearer in token of receipt of application. This receipt should be kept in safe custody till receipt of allotment order or refund of advance money in case of unsuccessful applicants.
  2. Detail of required documents to be attached with application form.
    1. Original application form duly signed / filled in / complete in all respect with photograph size (3.5 x 3.5 cm).
    2. Deposit Slips, duly filled in for deposit of above payments.
    3. Attested copy of NADRA Computerized Identity Card.
    4. Copy of the retirement order in case of retired government servants.
    5. A Letter from his Department is required in case of in-service officers/officials.
  3. Refund of unsuccessful applicants.Refund of advance to unsuccessful applicant will be made after the balloting process is completed but not later than two months. The designated branches of the bank where the application was submitted will provide the refund payslip (Crossed) only on surrender of original application receipt. The applicant can, then however, authorized his/her representative to collect the refund payslip in the name of original applicant on the provision of the following.
    1. Letter of authority duly signed by the applicant, as per his/her specimen signatures given of the original application.
    2. Attested of CNIC of applicant.
    3. Attested photocopy and original NIC of the representative.
    4. Original receipt duly signed by the applicant on its reverse as per signature of the application form.

    The refund payslip duly crossed as “ payees account only” and marked as “ not transferrable” will be issued to the unsuccessful applicants by the locally designated branches of bank within 30 days from the date announced by PHA for start of refund. Thereafter refund can be collected from Habib Bank Limited within a period of 3 years from the date of announcement. After that PHA may be contacted for refund purposes.


    1. Please keep the original receipt in safe custody as its loss can cause considerable delay in issuing refund case of loss the applicant will have to provide indemnity bond in lieu of the original receipt.
    2. No interest, profit or mark-up whatsoever shall be payable by the PHA or bank on the amount deposited by an applicant.
  4. General Instructions For Filling Application Form.
    1. Applicants are advised to submit their applications well before the last date of submission of the applications. Application once submitted shall not be liable to any change/withdrawal.
    2. Applicants will have to indicate in the application form the name of one nominee (not a minor) along with his/her relationship with the applicant mentioning National Identity Card No to whom the refund is to be made in case of death of an unsuccessful applicants.
  5. Applications With The Following Shortcomings Are Liable To Be Rejected.
    1. Any over-writing in the category/plot size columns or circling of more than one category/plot size.
    2. Leaving any of the details un-filled in the application form.
    3. Absence of signatures of the applicants.
    4. Applications made on photocopies of the prescribed form.
    5. Applications without required documents.
  6. Mode of Payment.The mode of payment of cost of plot for applicants shall be as under:
    1. 15% along with application.
    2. 15% with in four months of the date of allotment.
    3. Seven quarterly equal installments each from the date of allotment.


  1. The allotment shall be done by balloting through computer in a transparent manner.
  2. The actual amount of price payable by the allottee will be adjusted on actual measurement of the plot by the authority at the time of handing over the possession of the plot.
  3. If any amount whether of price or unpaid balance of other charges due thereon, remains in arrears for more than two months after it becomes due (whether formally demanded or not), the PHA shall have the right to cancel the allotment, resume possession of the plot and forfeit 20% of the total price. The decision of the authority in this behalf shall be final.
  4. The allottee shall:-
    1. Take over possession of the plot within the specified period as may be intimated by the PHA failing which possession shall be deemed to have been taken over by him/her immediately on the expiry of the period so specified.
    2. Within four months of the date of taking over possession of plot submit to the PHA the design/building plan of the house for scrutiny and approval. Such plans/designs shall have to be prepared by qualified architects duly enlisted with the PCATP.
    3. Shall complete the building fit for immediate occupation within three years of the date of taking over possession of the plot failing which the allotment will be liable to be cancelled, with forfeiture of 20% of the total price.
  5. After taking over the possession of the plot an agreement to sell shall be executed by the PHA if so required by the allottee. The cost of stamps and registration fee etc shall be borne by the allottee.
  6. The plot shall neither be divided nor amalgamated nor its dimensions shall be altered in any manner whatsoever.
  7. In order to secure a loan for the construction of house from a loan giving agency the allottee can mortgage the plot to such an agency after obtaining NEC from the authority.
  8. If for any reason the allottee surrenders the plot to the authority 20% of the deposited amount of the plot shall be forfeited and the balance amount refunded.
  9. In case allotment of plot is obtained by giving false information/affidavit, the allotment will be cancelled and 30% of price of plot shall be forfeited.
  10. On completion of the construction of the house on the plot and fulfillment of the terms and condirions contained in the sale agreement, the authority on the request of the allottee will execute conveyance deed in his/her favour at his/her cost and expense.
  11. Intimation shall be given to the Authority in case of devolution of interest in the plot by inheritance or operation of law.
  12. The allottee shall be liable to pay from the date he takes over possession of the plot all the assessment, duties charges (including betterment and maintenance charges) and imposition which may now or hereinafter be charged or imposed upon or be payable in respect of the said plot or any thing related thereto by any competent authority (including the PHA) under any law, rules, regulations, by-law or order for the time being in force.
  13. Any officer of the authority authorized in this behalf shall have the right to enter upon the plot or building there upon at all reasonable hours of the day in case of any complaints/violations.
  14. The allottee shall comply with and avide by the rules regulations, bye-laws, orders or directions that may be issued from time to time by the PHA or any other concern authority.
  15. The PHA reserves to itself the right to cancel the allotment of any plot, resume its possession and forfeit 10% of the deposited amout in case of contravention of any condition of allotment and may also take possession of the building constructed on the plot or any material found there without any compensation if not removed within a given time.
  16. If an applicant. His spouse or dependent child/children are declared successful for more than one plot ONLY ONE PLOT WOULD BE ALLOTTED.
  17. The allotted plots would be transferrable after 100% payment to PHA dues subject to payment of transfer fee and fulfillment of other terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the authority from time to time.

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