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Lakhani Presidency Karachi Location Map – A Project of Lakhani Builders

Lakhani Presidency Karachi Location Map – A Project of Lakhani Builders

Lakhani Residency Karachi-location Map
Lakhani Residency Karachi-location Map

Lakhani Presidency has already completed their 75% of construction Work. Lakhani Presidency is made by Lakhani Builders. They have 25 years of experience in construction works. Present in between National Stadium and Askari IV. More than 50% of the Area is decorated with the Land Skipping.
3 & 4 Bedroom, Super Luxury Apartment.
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Project of: Lakhani Builders

Swimming Pool:
In Lakhani Presidency Swimming Pool is present for the refreshment purpose. Swimming Pool basically made for swimming but for those who want to boost their stamina can use these swimming pools for this purpose too.
Gymnasium is also present for the fitness freaks. Timing for males and females are different in order to give both genders privacy. This gym has personal trainers which help peoples to begin from a Rookie stage to a Professional stage.
Sauna is also available for the use. Sauna with its heat treatment helps to get rid of the germs in its unique way. The sweat also helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body. In terms of reaping the benefits for your skin, the sauna is better for muscle relaxation and lowering blood pressure whereas the steam room will help with overall detoxification of the body—the preference is yours.
Spacious reception buildings:
Spacious reception buildings are especially made for the guests. This will make sure the guests feel like at home or maybe like Maharaja living in his Great Palace.
Parks have been made with the Jooging tracks in them. It is Grassy ground with the cool environment free from Pollution.
To enhance the beauty there are fountains with the water and light. These Fountains are brought from abroad made from precious stones
Badminton Court:
Badminton is a popular sports but in Pakistan it is not trendy yet. In order to produce the trend of Badminton there is Badminton Court for kids of all ages.
Roof Top terrace for Occasions :
Spacious Entrance Lobby:
To give a luxury feeling to the people there is a luxury, air conditioned and spacious Entrance lobby has been made.
Specific Area for Garbage:
Cleanliness is half faith and to do that we must clean our environment first. There is a specific area for the disposal of the garbage.
2 basement floor parking:
Car is also given the same luxury. In order to give the luxury to the cars there is a spacious car parking ready for getting used. This will also ensure that no scratch is produced on the Car.
24 Hour automation Control:
By means of 24 Hours automation control. One can control his house or appliances of the house, even from his car or outside the building within the range.
Every block’s own water supply:
Sometimes it happens that every block is using the same water supply and because only one block’s mistake every other block has to suffer. In order to end the suffering, Lakhani Presidency introduces each block’s own water supply.
Computerized Security System:
Computerized Security system has been made. This is hack proof and fool proof. In this system, there can no glitch or bug can be made. In order to add a further security, bio metric system has been introduced.
Gated Community:
Gated community has been made in order to give ease to the people living in Lakhani Presidency. This ensures that no other community gets hold of someone else’s land.  Gated community also ensures a little safety to the Interior.

Location Plan
Lakhani Presidency is present in between the National Stadium and Askari IV. 5 minutes drive from the Shanti Nagar and 30 minutes drive from Gulshan e Jamal. Besides Kachi Mohalla 1.
Payment Plan
1st Landscaped Project
Limited Time Offer
1% Monthly Installment
50% on Possession

Contact and Booking Information
Address of Head Office:
4th Floor, Batool Arcade, 58-4, Block 13-B, University Road, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.
Address of Site Office:
Plot#1, Survey# 42 Off National Stadium Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone Number:
0304 1113001
A Project of Lakhani Builders:
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