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Naval Anchorage Gawadar Extends Last Date for Plots Form Submission upto 30 September 2017

Naval Anchorage Gawadar Extends Last Date for Plots Form Submission upto 30 September 2017

Last Date of Form Submission, Due to overwhelming response and on public demand the form submission date has been extended for 4 days more. Now last date to apply for the plot in Naval Anchorage Housing Project in 30th September 2017.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Naval Anchorgae Gawadar Housing Scheme

1. Plot files are offered to the individuals and allotment shall be through balloting. 2. Development Charges are applicable. separately. Installment schedule will be issued separately. 3. Additional development charges may be applicable at the time of provision of utilities or as applicable.
4. Registered persons/ members are to make payments as per schedule. A surcharge @ 15% per annum shall levy for the amount in default.
5. The application shall be processed only after payment of all dues and other charges against the said category of plot. 6. The applicant will pay transfer fee and other miscellaneous charges. as applicable. to the Naval Anchorage Gwadar. 7. The allottee will pay all taxes and other charges levied by Federal and/ or Provincial and /or Local Authorities, as applicable. 8. For each category of plots i.e. corner plot. parkface. wide/ double road. 10% extra charges will be levied separately for each category. 9. Naval Anchorage Gwadar reserves the right to adjust/ readjust plot to meet town planning requirements. 10. Formal allotment letter will be issued after payment of all applicable charges/ miscellaneous charges.
11. Sale deeds of Provisional Allotment Letters (PALs) /plots directly between members/owners (holding a PAL/ Intimation letter/ Allotment letter) and potential purchasers will have no legal value. until registered and authenticated through Housing Dte. Islamabad/ Naval Anchorage Gwadar under the prescribed procedures.

Naval Anchorage Gwadar Launching News

Location Map of Naval Anchorage Gwadar

Naval Anchorage Gwadar is located in Ankara Shumali on prime location close to new zero point at Gwadar Jiwani coastal highway. It is approximately 20 kilometers from Gwadar port, 7 kilometers from Airport; 5 kilometers from Marine Drive. Naval Anchorage has 1 kilometer frontage on coastal highway and 1 kilometers on existing Rakhshan Avenue. Six main avenues/ boulevards as indicated in GDA master plan are crossing through the Anchorage land. Naval Anchorage land has also marked on GDA updated master plan map.

Naval Anchorage Gwadar Housing Scheme - Location Map Plan
Naval Anchorage Gwadar Housing Scheme – Location Map Plan

INSTRUCTIONS for Naval Anchorage Plots Application Submission

1. Only one category can be selected for single application. 2. Fields with ‘mark are mandatory. Application will not be accepted. if any of the marked field left blank. 3. All concerning documents must be attached with the application. in case of missing document. application will not be considered in balloting. 4. Documents required with application as per category are as under:
a. General Public Photocopy of CNIC b. Retd Persons of Armed Forces Photocopies of Discharge book & CNIC c. Disabled Persons Photocopies of Medical Disability Certificate d. Govt Employees Photocopies of Service certificate. Book & CNIC e. Overseas Pakistanis Photocopies of Passport with exit from Pakistan and Entry of residing country & NICOP I Senior Citizens (Above 70 years of age) Photocopy of CNIC
Nose: Each of the above category will have seperale quota of Opts 5. Submit your application to any branch of bank described on the form.
6. Deposit slip ID be filled from the deposit slip provided by the bank.
Note. Filled application forms along with documents are to be submitted to the concerned bank branches where amount is being deposited.

Application Form with Payment Schedule of Residential Plots

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